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Save Money and Have Fun

There’s no way to say this nicely, but booking London escorts is most certainly an indulgence, and it’s not a cheap one. Some of you may be able to afford the company of escorts two or three times a week, but for many clients seeing one of our lovely girls is something they only get to do once in a while. On top of that, some of our clients may need to restrict or in some way hide their spending when it comes to this delightfully hobby!

So, if you are a client who needs to be careful, but still wants to get value for money and have a great time, you need to be more discerning. There are a few choices open to you really, and some of them depend on what type of escort bookings you usually go for.

Options for Hobbyists

The way we see it is, your first option is to book cheaper girls. This isn’t always such a bad idea. Some people believe that booking cheap escorts can only result in a poor quality escort experience, but this is not correct in our experience. We usually have a lot of cheap escorts at Babylon Girls, but lately many of them seem to have put their prices up, which makes it even more difficult for clients who want to book the cheaper options. However, considering that our cheapest girls are £150 for an hour of their time, those at £200 are not that much more expensive. So perhaps we should be calling the £200 escorts the new “cheap” escorts. It all depends on your budget of course.

You could try other escort agencies to get cheap girls, but most of them are the same as us. In fact, many of them even have many of the same girls. The other option is to book from a less reputable agency. These places usually only offer outcall escort services however, and we’ve always had a problem with agencies that only do this. Something is just not right there. The other option for cheaper girls, is to book them independently from places like Adultwork or Vivastreet. We have mentioned these places before we’re sure, but you’re about to hear it again!.

When you book girls from these places, they are a breeding ground for bait and switch tactics, and sadly trafficked girls. We wouldn’t advise anyone to book from these places, no matter how cheap the girls are. The last time we looked, the girls were not far off our £150 mark anyway. So ask yourself, is it really worth saving an extra £20-30 to get a girl who is not the one you see in the pictures? We don’t think so.

There are good independent girls

We don’t want it to go unnoticed that there are some good girls on these directories, they’re just hard to find. If you are going to go the independent route, you really need to check out reviews for the girl first. The best reviews to read for independent girls are those on Punternet. We are uncertain how reliable the reviews can be on the individual girls’ profiles at Adultwork. But checking out reviews is a solid way to decide whether she will be worth it or not if you can find a reliable review.

Newsletter Discounts

We have said this before too, we know. However, it is a genuinely good way of getting great deals on London escorts. This is especially true when you book higher priced girls. So, rather than booking the £150 girls, you may want to book girls for £200 if you’re going to get a newsletter subscriber discount off your bookings. There is a 10% discount on offer every single weekend, and we are renowned for having regular competitions and promotions, so you are always likely to get a better deal by subscribing to our newsletter. Protection Status
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