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Running an escort agency makes you aware of so many things, and we have to consider all of our clients and concerns. We can’t always solve everyone’s problems when it comes to booking escorts, but we can offer a little advice and reassurance sometimes. So today we’re talking about our incall escort locations. The first thing to understand here is that we do not own or even rent any of the locations where the girls are located. It would be illegal to do something like that, because technically we would have some kind of control over the girls and what they did etc. The girls find their own places to stay, and that has nothing to do with us.

However, we do know where they are of course. And we make a point of ensuring that their places are safe and discreet, and worthy of our clients. If a girl is staying in a place where we don’t like to send our clients, then we do not represent her. It’s really that simple. And let’s face it, there will always be more London Escorts applying to the agency.

Newcomers need not worry

We write this for those of you who may not have booked an escort before. We find that clients usually start their hobby with an incall, and most stick with those because they have nowhere to invite the girls or they don’t want to get a hotel. So it’s important that your first experience is safe, secure and discreet. After all, this will only make your experience more memorable. You don’t need to be worrying about anything, only focusing on the beautiful young woman you’re with.

Some areas in London are more popular than others for the girls. This depends on affordability, availability, and where the clients are. There are many Bayswater escorts for example. The West End is very popular too, mainly because it’s a wealthy part of town, and there are many tourists here. It’s also important to understand that there are many different communities in London. Bayswater for example is a popular place for European girls looking for a career in escorting, because they know other girls. Being alone in London, can be daunting for anyone, so it’s important to the girls to know people and take time out for themselves to do all those things they want to do. Some are only here for a brief visit, and they want to see some more of London before they go back. Some are over here studying and want to have fun and make money whilst they are here.

Your incall booking

Your incall booking couldn’t be easier. Your first time will be fantastic. When you call or message the agency for a booking, they will go and secure it for you with the girl of your choice. Then you will receive a location to your phone. It’s then up to you to make it there on time. The girls are pretty patient, as are the receptionists, so if you encounter any trouble, just let us know. It’s easy to get lost sometimes, even with a map on your phone! Luckily for you, their apartments are all pretty centrally located in very nice areas, and never too far from an local tube station. Then of course you’ve always got the uber drivers to take you where you need to go.

If you have any questions at all about the booking process, the girls, or their locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Babylon Girls. We are here to help you have a wonderful time, every time! Protection Status
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