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Russian escorts available in London

Russian Escorts Still Available

With all the sanctions on Russia going on at the moment, during this dreadful time of war in Ukraine, we thought we would update our clients about any possible problems with our Russian escorts. As it stands, there are no issues whatsoever with the availability of Russian escorts. Many of these girls come to us from Russia, yes, but many of them are already in the UK, or other parts of the world touring their escort service.

It would be wrong to connect these girls in any way to the current conflicts in Ukraine, in much the same way as the Ukrainian escorts we have in London have no connection with these troubles either. There is no animosity towards either nationality as far as we are concerned, and we trust that our clients will feel the same. Our beautiful escort girls are completely neutral, and most are just horrified about what is happening in their home countries. It is important to understand that these young ladies will not likely want to discuss these political matters with their clients in any detail or at length. Some of them may be gravely concerned about family and friends overseas, and they will undoubtedly be doing all they can to keep their minds occupied with their escorting careers. A very welcome distraction for many. We ask that you respect their wishes and remain respectful of their privacy and feelings at all times.

The Resilience of Russian and Ukrainian Women

You all know that Russian and Ukrainian women are incredibly beautiful, and for those of you who have booked these angels before, you also know that they are incredibly talented. They come from countries that have been steeped in controversy, conflict and war for decades, so although this is a very uncertain time for both nations, it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Russian women are mostly very high class escorts, and they are a very good choice for outcall dinner date bookings. And perhaps now is the perfect time to take them out to dinner and show them a really good time. We are certain that these highly intelligent, very capable women, will be happy to show their appreciation for your consideration. Reciprocating attention and affection is very high on their list of priorities.

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