Reviewers need to do what they do!

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Reviewers need to do what they do!

Sounds like an unusual heading we know, but it does say what we mean to point out. All agencies, and all escorts need to have good reviews. It doesn’t get much simpler. Reviews in the escort business work the same as they do in any other business on the planet. People read them. And more importantly, people who want to book escorts trust them. We are referring to those reviews written on independent escort review sites of course (not ours). Not that we don’t trust the reviews on our website, we know they are genuine, but we understand it’s hard to convince our visitors that they are.

The independent websites that offer reviews for escort services worldwide, have been there for many years. They have valuable, insightful and sometimes amusing forums which you can take part in too. The guys on some of these forums really know what they are talking about when it comes to escorts, and they speak the truth. They are respected, trusted, and welcoming to newcomers. They too believe that the escort community is shrinking and needs to be revitalised with new and interesting experiences being shared with likeminded individuals.

Reviewers – do your job!

We know there are a lot of users on these independent websites, but they are not all posting their reviews. Not just for our agency, but for any agency, or independent girls. We recently read a comment by a user bringing everyone’s attention to this very issue, and we happen to agree with him. If you are a member of those reviewing communities, and you are not posting your reviews (good or bad), you are not doing your job. When you signed up, you signed up to be part of something and hopefully to keep the industry alive with your thoughts, opinions, and reviews. So if that was your aim, please continue to do so. It’s all very well reading reviews and getting hot tips about future bookings, but when it comes down to it, you need to contribute too. If you are interested, you can our onsite reviews here

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