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Escort reviews and how they work Reviewing your London escort experience

Whether you are planning to see a girl soon, or in the future, let’s talk about reviewing. Writing a review of your experience has never been obligatory by any means, but like anything else, it’s incredibly useful for the service providers. You have all more than likely had those follow up emails from places like Amazon that ask you to review your purchase. It’s kind of irritating isn’t it? Well, we don’t want to irritate you like that, but we do wish to make it clear how important these reviews are for the girls, and indeed the escorting community as a whole.

Businesses thrive on review culture

The reason you get those emails from Amazon and other places online is simply because this is the culture in which we live these days. Getting a good review from a customer or client can mean the difference between selling a product or service or allowing your competitor to get your business. In the escort world it’s the same. This is why you will often see requests, or articles such as this, asking you to submit reviews to websites that are independently operated.

Many people do not fully trust the reviews that they read on an agency website, simply because the agency has control over what is published and what is not. Many clients trust the views they read on public independent escort review websites, as well as those more private, member only review sites. These resources are indeed highly respected and very valuable to clients, escorts and agencies alike. The trouble with this however, is that wherever there is something valuable, there will always be those who try to manipulate it.

Fakers can go screw themselves

We have no time for fake reviews, or those who perpetuate this hideous act. Agencies and independent girls who proliferate the use of fake reviews make our industry suffer. If we have no trust in reviews, they are of no use. Here at Babylon Girls, we would much rather have a bad review than a fake review. We are not sure why some agencies still write fake reviews on the independent review sites, or even have fake reviews on their own sites. No doubt it fools some people, but regular London escort hobbyists can spot fakes a mile away, and it’s the regulars where they will make their money. You must look after people in this business, and they will look after you.

The future of London escorts

It kind of rests in your hands in many respects. This is a little like any hospitality sector when you think about it. We are entirely reliant on our customers. If people stopped seeing escorts, we would be out of business, and all those girls would have to find something else to do. They don’t want to do anything else, and quite frankly we don’t either. Reviewing is an essential part of keeping the escort industry in business.

How reviews work in the escort business

The truth about our onsite reviews

We have reviews on our website, in the same way every other agency has them. Here is the truth about them. Yes, we do change some of them. But we will only change a review if it violates what we wish to publish on our website, or we can not verify what has been written in some way at least. This is where it gets tricky, but it does go to show just how seriously we take the onsite reviews. Allow us to describe the process.

Our staff will periodically check for submitted reviews on the website. They will read through these escort reviews and check them for indecent comments. We try to publish everything if we can, so sometimes your review may appear online but edited. We will have removed anything pertaining to what you got up to with your escort, because this does not concern us and we do not wish to be associated with any lewd or sexual comments. This is our choice, but you will find at least that we are consistent everywhere on the website. This may result in publishing a review that has been edited. We will omit words and phrases and try our best to add your comments in a polite and respectful way.

If it turns out that your review has not been listed after submitting it, it has no doubt violated the rules we have, and we are unable to fix it. If you do have a problem with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know. We would also welcome you to rewrite your review and submit it again. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to write to every client and request this, so we do it for you. It’s important to understand that we do not, under any circumstances, deliberately delete negative comments. We are well aware that the girls may not always perform the way you expect them to, and there may be many problems with a booking, and we will always try our best to publish your thoughts and opinions reasonably. It is in your best interests to do this before you submit.

There are two more reasons why we may not publish a review onsite. You must understand that we are one of the biggest and longest serving escort agencies in London. This sometimes comes at a cost sadly. We get lots of fake reviews submitted by our competitors and others who would like to see us fail. We’re not sure why this is, or why they believe this will work. It’s just a petty annoyance, and one that we can easily spot. You would be surprised at how many reviews we get for bookings that never actually took place!

The other reason is that we have it on good authority that what has been written is simply not true. The review may have been written by an angry client who couldn’t get his way. We will always check with the escort and investigate claims about their service before agreeing to publish a review. This is a rare occurrence, we have to say, but it does happen. And sadly, it is usually down to a client who has not behaved appropriately, or has arrived late, or something like this. There are numerous ways in which we can verify what has happened. That said, it is important to understand that we will not always take an escort’s side in these matters. There are plenty of girls who would be happy to take her place on the website, and one less will not make much of a difference to us. We do not wish to represent girls that give the agency and the profession a bad name.

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