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London escort reviewing Tell us about your review habits

We are very keen to get reviews here at Babylon Girls. We always have been. We do a lot of research to make sure the agency does well and the girls get plenty of bookings. Our analytics and research tells us that we get plenty of referral and interest from the reviews we get. These reviews are on our own website to begin with. We notice that girls with good reviews (and lots of them), recent and clearly genuine, get more bookings than those that don’t. We suppose what we would like to request is that you continue to do this, or if you haven’t done it so far, please do. Also, if you can see your way clear to take a gamble on the New escort girls, you could be the first to submit a review for them too.

Independent review submissions

Of course the other option, if you are a hardened veteran of booking escorts, and you like to immerse yourself fully in the culture, is to become a member of an external website. These independent escort review websites really are a lifeforce when it comes to keep escorts and agencies alive. Especially in the current climate. Becoming a member of them is very easy, and all the best ones are free as far as we know, as well as being totally anonymous. Sites like are very popular. You can register for free, and submit your reviews for girls you see anywhere in the UK. This also allows you to read other reviews of course, and you can even contact other members if you want. It really is a place to hang out and chat to other escort hobbyists like yourself. You can take part in their forum too.

Another great place to read and submit reviews is The Erotic Review. This is a place where you can submit reviews for girls all over the world. That’s globally folks! There are escorts all over, and you can read all their reviews. This is an excellent very well run website, private and secure. Again, it’s also anonymous and free to join.

Please let us know if you need help

Because these websites and the reviews are so very important to us as an agency, we would very much like you to let us know if you do leave a review on them. We check now and again, but we might just miss one or two. We love to read them, and we sometimes even show the girls.

If you are having any problem signing up to these websites, we have a dedicated team at Babylon Girls that will be happy to guide you through the process. We wish to make it very clear that we are interested in all reviews, whether they are good or bad. Either will help us run a more effective agency for our clients. Protection Status
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