Busty Escorts: Fake or Real?

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Busty enhanced escorts

Busty Escorts: Fake or Real?

Do you like those real boobs, or do you like them standing up like a couple of rocks? It’s a personal preference gentlemen, we are well aware, but breast implants are getting very good these days, so can you really tell the difference? Well, we have been in the business for many years, and these days, not even we can tell for sure in all cases. This is why we’re writing this article. It’s not always the fault of the agency if you discover the girl you booked has some implants. We can ask questions, but we’re not always guaranteed an wholly honest answer.

Babylon Girls cannot always know

Whilst we do meet with practically all the girls we agree to represent, we are not about to start asking them to get naked so we can feel their boobs! We are not that kind of agency. So the fact remains, we cannot always be sure whether or not the busty escort girls have enhanced breasts or not. Sometimes even the most discerning of our clients can’t tell for that matter. Breast enhancements have become very good these days. There are of course the obvious boob jobs. Those torpedoes that sit on the chest of a girl like a couple of boulders. These cannot be mistaken. But sometimes when a girl already has big boobs, she may only have a lift enhancement, which makes it very difficult to tell whether or not they have had any work done. That said, when you see a large pair of natural boobs, that have indeed had a little lift, they do look and feel marvellous. We are certain many of you will agree.

So, when you decide to ask our receptionists whether or not the girl you want to book has enhanced or real boobs, we wouldn’t put too much faith in the answer you get. It’s not our receptionist’s fault if they get it wrong. We can only really ask the girl (which we are happy to do), beyond that, there isn’t much that can be done. If a girl decides to tell us one thing, we have to assume she is telling us the truth. We are here to serve them as well as our clients.

Dishonest Girls

We are not just talking about claims whether boobs are real or not here. If we discover a girl to be deceptive in any way with us, by giving us false information, we will no longer choose to represent them. There are no shortage of escorts in London that want to be represented by our agency, so we won’t waste our time with girls who fail to be honest with us. Which is where you come in useful. If you ever suspect that a girl is not all she claims to be, you should always let your agency know immediately. We will do all we can with the information we get. If it’s a first complaint, we may just warn the girl, but if she has done it before, we will not hesitate in taking her off the website. We have a reputation as a reliable agency, and we would not want that damaged.

Please be aware however, if you are not satisfied with the girl you meet, you are not obliged to stay and go through with the booking. If you do continue your booking, you are unlikely to be taken seriously when you do present with a complaint about the girl you booked.

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