Post London Lockdown Plans

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Post London Lockdown Plans

We don’t want to bang on and on about how hard things have been for everyone, including the girls and agencies. It has been an extremely negative period for everyone, and there’s no accounting for it. Some blame this, some blame that. If one thing is totally clear, it’s that no-one will ever agree. So it’s well past time we started to plan for the future. What type of person are you going to be when we come out of this second lockdown?

It’s too tempting not to give you some examples really. We’ve been reading the thoughts and opinions of many escort hobbyists online lately. Some of them are incredibly cautious, some have discussed not booking girls anymore, whereas others have claimed that the post lockdown era in the escorting community will be like the “swinging 60’s” again. You may or may not know what that was like, but we’re sure you can imagine what they are talking about. But what are your plans?

social distance date

The cautious among you

For the cautious among you, there are alternatives from a London escort booking. You are not obligated to do this or that with your chosen companion you know. Whilst some may not believe that they are “getting their money’s worth,” so to speak, it’s entirely possible to have a wonderful time with a beautiful girl by simply enjoying a nice lunch, or a few drinks together. Granted, this is probably for those among you who value the personality of your escort above most other things. Those of you who truly enjoy the company of a woman will appreciate what we’re saying.

We can’t possibly predict the future, or where you may be able to go with your companion, but we do have a few suggestions that you might want to investigate. London has no shortage of bars and restaurants, as you are more than likely aware.

  • The Bloomsbury Club in the West End is a nice, intimate place to take a date if you like cocktails and low lighting
  • Swift on Old Compton Street is another great choice if you’re looking for a friendly and intimate place, where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Please consider however, you will be with a beautiful London escort, so you may be getting a little unwanted attention!

Enjoying the company of a woman, especially if she’s intelligent and well spoken, can be a highly pleasurable experience. Post lockdown London may be the time for you to try it out if you’ve never really considered it before.

The liberated and carefree among you

There’s nothing wrong with throwing caution to the wind from time to time, and we’re betting that many of you won’t be able to restrain yourselves for long after the lockdown. This is your own decision of course, you are adults after all. So what will you plan? Perhaps a hotel room encounter for an overnight escort booking? Or what about spoiling yourself silly with a London escort duo booking? We are certain that the girls will be up for some fun too. It gets frightfully boring sitting around in your apartment all day long waiting for the clients to come out and play.

Whatever you do, we defer to your own judgements on such matter and reserve our own. Babylon Girls have been here for a long time, and we will be here when you return

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