Making plans for your return to escorting

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Plan dinner with a London escort

Making plans for your return to escorting

Many people have been a little unnerved about booking London escorts at the moment, and it’s not surprising. Some have prioritised it over other things, simply to maintain good mental health. There is a lot to be said for having a good time, during times of crisis. Spending an hour or two in the company of a beautiful young woman is just the tonic for many lonely people out there, and this is one of the reasons that Babylon Girls are so very proud of what we do. In many respects, we consider ourselves an incredibly important service.

It’s important to understand that we don’t pass judgement on anyone, whether they are choosing to book company at the moment, or choosing to abstain until they feel more confident to do so. People will do what they need to survive, and they will do it when they feel comfortable. Just as long as you know that your number one 24 hour London escort agency will be here for you when you need us, we’re happy.

Making plans

While most people are making plans for a summer holiday, most of you are planning your next date. And why not? It’s just as important to plan a hot date in our opinion. But it does become a little tricky to plan something like a dinner date when all the restaurants and bars are closed. This is due to change apparently on 12th April, as long as things remain good of course. So, that’s not too far away. We are hoping that some of our favourite places will be still be open and doing business by then, we know many of suffered terrible financial hardship.

Probably all the more reason to book yourself a dinner date then, to help keep the economy alive and breathe some life into a dying industry. We have taken the liberty of listing a few places close to the vicinity of some of the best girls at the agency. Whilst you can’t book now, please keep these places in mind, then you can give them a call when it all opens up.

Santorini is a great little Greek restaurant in the Bayswater area. And you will be very pleased to hear that it’s located very close to a number of Bayswater London escorts. This is because it too is very close to the tube station, and we all know how the girls like to be close to public transportation. Santorini offer authentic Greek cuisine, in a cosy and relaxed environment. They have genuine Greek beers, a lovely wine list, and the coffee is really nice too. Perfect for a date night, but also for a place to catch up with friends. If you like Greek food, this is the place to go.

The Winter Garden Restaurant at The Landmark is a lovely place for any type of date. It’s a nice at lunchtime, as it is in the evening. However, the atmosphere is a little more romantic in the evening. The live pianist (and sometimes harp player) is also a huge bonus when setting the ambience of your date. Your London escort companion will be very impressed. It’s also close to many of our escorts living in Marylebone.

Booking your dinner date

You may be familiar with the process of course, but allow us to offer you some advice. If you plan to have a dinner date anyway, regardless of who you can book, make sure you book your table first. There’s nothing worse than booking a date, and then discovering that you can’t get a table. If you want a particular girl (perhaps one you have seen before), for a particular occasion, then it’s best to organise her time well in advance, secure the booking, and then book the table. Talk to our receptionists first if you need any help. They will be happy to tell you the right way to go. Protection Status
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