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Take a date to a London restaurant with Babylon Girls

Summer is here and there are many things you could be doing in London. Now that the restrictions are lifting, more places are open, including some special restaurants and bars. Yes, there may well be some restrictions within the various bars and restaurants, but one of those restrictions is pretty cool, especially if you are on a hot date! We are talking about the fact that most places only have table service at the moment. This is perfect if you want your date to have your undivided attention, and you want hers of course. If you are on a date with one of our beautiful London escorts, you are not going to want to leave them alone for long when you go to the bar for some more champagne or cocktails. Not only are you missing out on valuable time together, you’re also likely to find her surrounded by a crowd of admirers when you return. They’ll be like jackals, stalking your own prey!

Picking the right place to take your escort might be difficult for you if you’re new to town, or you have never really taken a girl like this out before. They like to go to the fancy places, and quite rightly so. When you think about it, many of them are incredibly beautiful models, and are not going to want to sit at a table for two in Pizza Hutt or Nandos! They might do this with their pals in their own time, but if it’s a classy escort booking you’re after you might want to try one of these places.

Restaurants Open for Dinner Dates

Here’s our recommended list of restaurants to book for your date.


Novikov is the ultimate place to see and be seen. Anyone who is anyone in the high end community of London has been seen here, and continues to frequent this classy Mayfair establishment. You will probably see some of our best Mayfair escorts here too. They love dining at Novikov. They always wear their best outfits and look their sexiest. It’s a Russian restaurant (you probably guessed this from the name!). The cuisine is a mixture of modern Asian and Italian dishes, all very fresh and exciting. The cocktails are top notch too, but you can expect to pay a pretty price for them.


The plush interior and sophistication of Sketch in Mayfair is another we would recommend. It doesn’t seem to matter what restrictions are in place in London at the moment, Sketch seems to make them appear non-existent as you sit down at your table and enjoy, not only the food and wines, but also the company of some very high end clientele.


Located in prestigious Berkley Square, you will find the lovely member’s club Annabel's. We’re not sure how many of our girls in Knightsbridge or Mayfair have a membership here, but if you have one, we do believe you can get away with taking one of our fine ladies here with you on a date. It’s really does look so beautiful inside, very comfortable and well decorated. Go to their website and see if you can get registered

Clos Maggiore

Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden is a very nicely laid out, and very romantic restaurant in London’s Covent Garden. It’s in a lovely spot too. The lighting is low, the food and wine is exquisite and the atmosphere will make your date with one of our girls very erotically charged. You may even find one of our Covent Garden escorts nearby who will invite you back for a nightcap!

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