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Never miss an offer with Babylon Girls

If you are serious about your London escorting hobby, you’re not going to want to miss out on what’s going on. And by far the best way to stay updated about what’s going on with the agency, and how you can secure great deals, is to sign up to our Newsletter.

Allow us to tell you a little about it. At the risk of boring the rest of you who have been smart enough to sign up already of course. The newsletter is a lot more than simply news at Babylon Girls. We may well introduce you to the new London escorts from time to time, but we also keep you informed about other important information.

The reviewing process

It’s all very well and good having escort reviews on your website these days, but sadly people have a tendency not to believe them. This is understandable of course, since any review that is published on your own website, is subject to tampering. Agencies also have the choice not to publish the review at all if they don’t want to. So, we get it, people don’t trust agencies in this respect. We will add here however, that we do not refuse to post reviews, and we rarely change them. The only times we change reviews is when they have content that we do not wish to publish online. This is mostly sexual in nature, and sometimes rude and disrespectful. If you want to leave a review on Babylon Girls, you can do so without being disgusting. We still publish the reviews, but we tend to edit. This is a very rare occurrence.

Sexy London escort

The point we are trying to get to here is that this is another benefit to signing up for our newsletter. We always publish links to reviews that we get on other websites. These reviews can be trusted because we have no access to what the person is saying about the girl they have seen, or indeed the agency. They are what we refer to as independent escort review websites. The most popular of which is of course. Most of you will know about this one, but not all of you. There is room for another article to explain these websites, so we won’t go into it here. Suffice to say that if we find a review for one of our girls on Punternet, we will let our newsletter subscribers know about it and post a link to the review so that you can go and read some honest and genuine comments about the girl before you decide to book her yourself.

Discounts from your bookings

We do not want to go into too much detail here about just how much discount we offer our subscribers, or how frequently, due to the highly competitive nature of our business. However, you can rest assured that the discounts you get from becoming a subscriber (basically doing nothing!) are vast and very frequent. It’s well worth signing up just to get these, never mind the rest of the information.

Competition Time

We always have plenty of competitions here at Babylon Girls. They usually coincide with the seasons and events and so on, but they can pop up at any time too. It’s good to stay informed with the newsletter to get ahead on your entries or special entries etc.

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