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You Need London Escort Newsletters

You Need London Escort Newsletters

There are so many escort agencies in London these days, that when you’re looking for good customer service and special offers, it really is best to shop around. Another good way of getting the best deals and service possible, is to sign up for the newsletters that are offered by many of the agencies you see online. Not all of these escort agencies offer a newsletter, but those that do usually have something you would find interesting.

Offers and Discounts

Not every agency offers discounts and other special offers of course, but it never hurts to sign up for them. Most of them send out weekly newsletters, and they are mostly at the end of each week. This is how we do it, and we know a few other agencies that send them out on a Thursday and Friday each week. So you are not going to be bombarded every day with a different agency’s news. Not if you’re careful that is. Plus you can always sign up with an email address you don’t always check that frequently. It’s never a good idea to use an email address that your wife or partner could get access to of course. Even if you have never booked an escort girl before, it’s not something you will talk your way out of really, is it?

You do need to be careful about what the offers actually are before you use them. Some agencies offer discounts just like Babylon Girls. They will offer you 10% off your bookings, and you might think that this is a good thing, but it’s always important to read the small print with some of them. Some of them only offer you the discount if you book a girl for a certain price. For example, if you book an escort for £150, or £200, you may not get the discount. With Babylon Girls, you get your discount no matter who you book, at whatever price!

Competition Time

Not all agencies offer competitions, and it’s a shame really. We often have them to celebrate special events and dates etc. such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They are always very easy to enter, totally anonymous, and actually quite a lot of fun. We love reading our clients’ entries to the competitions, they are always so well thought out. We usually ask you about your ideal date, or something like that. It may surprise you to learn that there are quite a lot of romantics among you, and if you actually did manage to date a woman like the girls you see on Babylon Girls, you would probably do very well indeed. But could you sustain? Or would you get bored and fancy another girl? Of course you would, and why not? This is what we’re here for at the end of the day.

Our competitions have got better and better over the years, and they have increased in value too. At Christmas we usually have three or four winners these days, and the prizes range from a £50 discount, all the way up to £300 vouchers to spend on London escort services. But you might ask yourself, what do we get out of the deal if it’s costing us this much money to set up? Because you should know that the girls always get paid, your discounts or prizes come out of our pocket 100% of the time!

Why We Offer Competitions

Well, first and foremost we get loyalty from our clients. This is one of the most important things for us, and the reason we have been in business for nearly 20 years! Some of our regular newsletter subscribers have been getting them as long as we have been sending them too; and we like to reward that. Another great reason for the newsletters is that we are able to tell you about new features on the website, introduce new girls occasionally, and also point you in the direction of some independent escort reviews on other websites. These are incredibly important to us.

And finally, we get to understand our clients a little more. It’s very useful market research, if you like, to read what kind of dates you would be interested in, and which girls are the most popular etc. We read all entries and we carefully consider all information we get from these entries, and it better informs our judgement when it comes to making improvements at the agency. So you see, we get a hell of a lot out of those competitions, and we don’t mind setting them up at all.

Sign Up!

However, as always, you have to be a subscriber to get any of the benefits associated with it. Remember that we have a weekly discount from Thursday to Sunday ever week, but you need to sign up for the newsletter to get your booking code. Protection Status
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