Modern Slavery and Sex Trafficking

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Fight again sex trafficking

Modern Slavery and Sex Trafficking

Here at Babylon Girls we take a very serious stance on modern slavery and sex trafficking. We do not, and never will tolerate it in any form. We are very careful to take all possible measures to guard against this kind of practice. If we receive any suspicious applications to the agency, we always inform the authorities. What they choose to do with the information is up to them, but we will always cooperate with law enforcement if we are ever required to do so. Thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence, and those that would perpetrate these sort of acts, are more than likely aware that we will not tolerate it. For those who are considering using Babylon Girls for these purposes, consider yourselves well and truly warned. You will, without hesitation, be reported to the police.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery refers to anything that violates human rights with the intention of profiting from it. Exploiting people for personal gain. This is sometimes perpetrated by large, criminal organisations, that control people and force them to work for very low wages, or to pay off a debt accrued in getting them into the country illegally. Many victims of modern slavery are attempting to flee their own countries for valid reasons, but wish to expedite the process of asylum. They turn to nefarious gangs and organisations who may charge them extortionate amounts of money, which will require them to work off their “debt” on arrival. Sometimes victims are sold on to other organisations to exploit. It is a vicious circle, with limited chance of escape. Many of these victims find themselves forced into prostitution also.

Sexy Trafficking

Some of those engaged in modern slavery would include “pimps,” to use the common description for them. Pimps will coerce girls into working as prostitutes in order to make money from them. Girls who are subject to control by a pimp will often have no choice but to do as they are told. Pimps may hold the girls’ passports or have connections in their home country where their family and friends maybe under threat. This is called sex trafficking, and it’s a diabolical way to make money. Babylon Girls have no time for it at all.

The difference between sex work and sex trafficking

It’s very simple really. When a person willingly engages in the sale of sex, it’s called sex work. This is because it’s entirely consensual. When they do not engage in this practice willingly, they are obviously being forced or coerced into it. London escort agencies do not force or coerce girls into having sex with their clients. They do not even force or coerce them into signing up at the agency. This has to be done willingly by the individual girls, or the agencies simply won’t list them.

How we safeguard against trafficking

Before adding a girl to our database of available escorts, we check the individual girl’s identification. This ensures two things. Firstly that they are legally of age to be on the website, and secondly that they actually have their own identification and it’s not held by anyone else. After this initial check, we can post them on the website. But in addition to this, we may sometimes collect commission from the girls in person, and this allows us to ensure that they are who they say they are, that they do actually look like the pictures they have presented to us, and most importantly that they seem happy and safe in their role as a London escort.

Beyond this, there isn’t much else we can do. But we think that this is quite sufficient. We cannot possibly police all the girls we list, and check what they are doing here in London, or why they are here. At the end of the day, we are only an agency who gets bookings for the girls.

Report any concerns

If you are ever in any doubt about a girl’s safety, you must contact the agency at your earliest opportunity. If you feel as though she is in any immediate danger, or that she is there unwillingly, contact the authorities as soon as possible too. Protection Status
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