More good news as massage therapy reopens

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More good news as massage therapy reopens

As spas and massage parlours across the country reopen, there is an air of optimism here in London. Finally everyone can go out and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. Anxieties, as well as tired bodies, are in need of repair after the months of lockdown Londoners have endured. So, there is little wonder that masseuses all over London are opening their doors. Of course, there are a number of very talented massage escorts at Babylon Girls that will be more than happy to demonstrate their skills.

We are sure that all the girls at Babylon would be happy to give you a massage when you’re spending time with them, but only the ones in this gallery have specific skills. They have experience with a variety of different techniques. These are mostly toward the more sensual and erotic massages of course, indulgence is the nature of their business. When you spend time with a London escort, you don’t want her to be stretching and cracking your bones and muscles like a chiropractor. That’s not the idea is it?

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The importance of human contact

There are a lot of single guys out there that have really struggled with lock down in London, and there are a lot of guys who really appreciate a good quality sensual massage. This isn’t just for the inevitable sexual gratification that most tantric and sensual massages result in. It goes much further than that. There is an awful lot of scientific evidence that tells us just how important human contact is, both intimate and regular. The power of a hug for example, is incredibly important to our emotional well-being.

Human touch promotes safety and trust in the brain. It soothes and calms. There is something called the “Vagus nerve” that enhances our compassionate responses and releases oxytocin. Some of you will be aware that this is otherwise referred to as the “love hormone”. This feel good factor also allows the body a boost in immunity and helps to lower your blood pressure. So you see, spending time with a sexy London escort is better for you than you may have thought. Particularly one that knows how to relax and massage you.

Don’t get a stressful massage

Yes, before you ask, there is such a thing. Not all massages are stress free, and we are not referring to the ones that twist and snap your muscles either. We are referring to the cheap massages you will find in the parlours around Chinatown and places like that. You might think that it will be an indulgent, relaxing experience, but it really will not. These ladies want you in and out as quickly as possible and they do not much care for your level of satisfaction. It’s not as thought they are looking for stars on Trust Pilot!

All too often you will be hurried into a room, asked to take off your clothes and rushed along to your “conclusion” as quickly as possible. The girl who massages you (if you can call it that) will not take her time to get to know you. She will not talk to you or relax you. She may not even play music or use any nice oils like Nuru gel. When you book an escort, at least you have booked a full hour of her time. And massage escorts really know how to make that tantric massage last a very long time, it’s all part of the actual art of Tantra.

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