Managing your escort budget with cheap girls

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escorts and their prices

Managing your escort budget with cheap girls

Considering the times we have been through lately, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you here at Babylon Girls, we have our fair share of cheap London escorts. But it’s important to understand what that means to our clients.

Had you just clicked that link you would have found that it took you to our gallery of girls for £150. This is as cheap as they get at Babylon Girls. But when you consider just how much money that is, you will quickly realise that these girls are indeed very cheap. £150 can’t buy you much these days, and when you see the type of girls that are offering their incall services for this price, you can’t help but realise the bargain you’re getting.

Price does not reflect skill

We have said it before in various places, and we will say it again. Price will never be able to reflect the level of service, or client satisfaction. Preferred girls will always be highly subjective. What one client gets from a £150 booking might only be achievable to another client by paying £600+. It’s basically about physical preference in the beginning. In our cheap escorts gallery you really should be able to find many different types of girls.

It’s worth noting also that not all girls want to charge more for their services. Some prefer to get more bookings to make their money, whereas some prefer to do fewer bookings and charge more money. As you can see, again this is not representative of service quality. There are women in London that charge £1000 and upwards for an hour of their time, and we are pretty sure that there’s nothing much that they can do for you that a girl for £150 can’t if they wanted to. This is primarily a girl deciding what her time is worth, and it’s not a refection on the agency at all. Here at Babylon Girls we have no control at all over what prices the girls choose to charge. In fact, we have no control whatsoever over the girls in any way. We are not that kind of organisation.

Extra services

We are asked from time to time about extra services that a escort may or may not perform for her clients, and as we understand it, this may drive the price of your booking up. However, we don’t with to go into this with our clients, or our escorts. We have heard that these sometimes involve sexual services, but this is not something we have anything to do with, nor do we wish to know. As far as we are concerned – as outlined in our disclaimer on the homepage – what goes on between an escort and her client is entirely between the two of them. We have no desire to be involved in this in any way at all. If a girl decides to do this or that with her client, that is her choice. And if she wishes to ask her client for some more money to do those things, it is then up to the client whether or not he wishes to or not. We just facilitate the meeting and act as agent for the escort.

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One-hour escort bookings only

There are agencies out there that offer half hour bookings, but we’re afraid to say that we are not one of them. This has never been something we’re interested in. As far as we are concerned, if you want to see a girl for half an hour, you may as well take your chances and go to a walk up in Soho. We do not believe that half hour bookings fit in the escort industry. They do not allow for any relaxation or for either parties to get to know each other in the most rudimentary way. Escorting is all about female companionship and relaxation. It’s about feeling good about the experience you’re paying for, not about rushing it.

No street walkers!

We understand if you are desperate for female companionship, but this is something that you really need to avoid at all costs. The problem here is that these ladies are not escorts. They are not there to sell you their companionship, they are there to sell you sexual services. Let’s not pretend otherwise. There is no possibility at all of forming any kind of brief relationship with them, they don’t want to talk to you, they don’t want to get to know you in the slightest. From what we have heard, they’re just keen to get you out of the door, not long after you’ve entered it. It will undoubtedly be a cold, and arguably unpleasant experience. You will no doubt be left feeling unfulfilled and probably quite bad about yourself.

It’s also worth pointing out some of the risks involved in paying prostitutes for sex. If you’re going to pick a random girl off the street and pay her for sex, you are breaking the law. It really is as simple as that. You are more than likely opening yourself up for other risks too. Many of these street walkers are controlled by gangs, and it is a distinct possibility that you could get mugged or worse. You will almost always get ripped off. The problem is that most of these gangs, or “pimps,” will know that you’re unlikely to go to the police with your complaint. If you get your wallet stolen, or you are overcharged, you are hardly going to complain to the police about it. If you do, you’ll be arrested for soliciting.

This is an article for another day really, but we thought we would mention it considering the financial hardship that some of you may have encountered during the current situation. It’s just not worth saving a few quid on your female company by paying a prostitute. It’s much better to save up your money and book a professional escort.

Try it and you might like it

If you are used to booking girls at the higher end of the scale and having a good time, try the other end once in a while. You never know who you might find. We have had clients who found girls they really bonded well with for just £150. It’s worth noting that some of these girls only charge a small fee because they are new to the business and they’re not really sure what they should be charging. It’s sometimes best to keep your eyes on the new girls gallery and book one of those. There are some real hidden gems out there! Protection Status
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