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London escort vacation

How many of you come to town just to see the girls? We’re betting that there’s a few of you out there. There’s no way that an agency like Babylon Girls can be this successful with just Londoners and overseas tourists. Even though the overseas tourists have been pretty infrequent over the last couple of years with the pandemic scare, we have still managed to battle through. And the girls are coming back into town in their droves!

So, we are of course talking about those of you who live in the UK. The trouble with being an escort hobbyist, is that there really aren’t that many choices outside of London. This is where the escort business is the most vibrant. There’s little wonder why of course. When you consider that London is the capital of Britain, this is why all the best girls operate here. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you go where the customers are. And London has more escort clients than anywhere else in the UK.

That’s not to say that there aren’t thousands of budding hobbyists all over the country of course, but not all of them have considered coming to London. They are content with the handful of independent escorts in their hometown (or more than likely neighbouring town), and in many cases they put up with a somewhat mediocre service. It isn’t even as though the prices are that different elsewhere in the UK. You’re still looking at booking girls for £200 at best.

Plan your own vacation

You see, you don’t have to go to Amsterdam, you don’t have to go to Prague, or anywhere like that. If you want a weekend away to meet sexy girls, you can just come here and book our London escorts. You don’t even have to drive into the city (and we wouldn’t recommend it anyway!), you can just take a train. You could come all the way from Edinburgh up in Scotland on the train if you like, and stay for a couple of days, before sleeping off your weekend away on the way home! Our girls will certainly tire you out.

London is the perfect place for a couple of days of naughtiness with sexy girls. Especially if you’re a single man. If you’re attached it takes a little more work to figure out the logistics of your deception before you leave, but we’re guessing that some of you have a good imagination!

Get an apartment

If you are booking girls for £150, or around that price range, they’re not really worried about where you are staying, as long as it’s clean and tidy. After all, they’re not staying with you for that long. So you don’t have to pay a fortune for an apartment. And the beauty of apartment rentals is that you get absolute privacy. You can find apartments in places like Bayswater, Paddington and Earls Court (among other areas) really quite cheap. The reason we mention these three places is that there are plenty of escorts in those areas.

Having an apartment gives you a “home base,” so to speak. You don’t actually have to invite the girls to your apartment, but you have the option. Sometimes you just don’t want to go out to an incall apartment, and you would rather have them come to you. It’s never that much more to have them come to your place, it’s usually only £50 extra. Either way it’s a cheap place to lay your head between your marathon of bookings. Just how many girls could you see in a couple of days?

If you’re going to come to London as an “escort tourist,” then do make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter and plan your trip between Sunday and Thursday. This way you can get 10% off all of your bookings. That could save you a lot of money! Protection Status
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