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Which Escort Service Do You Book?

Incalls or Outcalls: That is the Question

Are you an incall or an outcall man? Usually, you would be one or the other in our experience. There aren’t many people who book incalls that have ever actually booked an outcall, and we’d just like to say that this could be a great experience you’re missing. The same can be said for those of you who are the other way too. Always getting girls to come to your hotel room or apartment, is not the same as going to visit them in their own homes.

Open Your Mind to New Experiences

Obviously those who book outcall London escorts are usually visitors to London, tourists or something like that. So, they are not always likely to book an incall. If this is you, and you’re safely tucked up in your hotel room in the evening, you really could be missing out on an experience not to be missed. There is a certain thrill in booking an incall appointment with one of the girls. The anticipation as you make your way to the address you’ve been given, and the ringing of the bell, is very exciting. Most men would tell you that it gets their hearts racing, even before they have met the girl they chose to see.

There are pros and cons for either type of booking. If you are slightly nervous about booking an incall service, you can rest assured that the apartments you would be visiting are perfectly secure and easy to find. Plus, the girls always keep their places tidy, with all the facilities you could possibly need. We only ever represent the best escorts in the city, so you we can pretty much guarantee this. Another bonus to booking an incall is that you retain some anonymity. No-one knows who you are, much less where you are staying in London. And on top of that, if you are ever not satisfied with the service, or the girl when you meet, it’s easier to walk away from an incall booking than it is to ask a girl to leave your apartment or hotel room. So there is that to consider.

The Luxury of an Outcall

Having said all that, if you have never experienced an outcall escort booking before, you too are missing out on an experience not to be missed. If you are used to travelling to the girls’ apartments all over Central London and the West End, perhaps you are well used to the excitement now, and it doesn’t have the same thrill? Why not try an outcall to a hotel room or apartment? We know what you’re going to say of course. You don’t need one because you live nearby, or just a train ride away, yes? Well, have you ever heard of day use hotel rooms? You can book a room during the day at some marvellous hotels in London. It’s much cheaper to book for the daytime hours. Then you can experience the outcall experience whenever you want. Perfect for a secret affair, and you can even relax and chill in the room once the escort you booked has gone away.

Many of you will understand what we mean when we say “luxury” too. There really is no feeling like it if you’ve never experienced it before. You get yourself nice and comfortable, you arrange your girl to come at a certain time, and then simply wait. You have time to shower and have a drink. Set the mood, and you don’t even have to get dressed up. It’s perfect! She comes knocking at your door, and then the fun can really begin.

Mix it up!

So, if you usually book one type of booking, mix it up a bit and book the opposite once in a while. Live a little, we’re only here once you know! It’s the same as booking a different type of escort too. If you usually book Russian escorts, why not try one of the new and exciting Brazilian girls we have at Babylon? You know what they say? Variety is the spice of life! Protection Status
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