The importance of staying in touch

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The importance of staying in touch

It’s acceptable to assume that during a global pandemic and various lockdown and curfew measure, there are many people suffering with loneliness and isolation symptoms. We are here today to make you aware just how important it is to stay in touch with people, whenever and however you can. Human contact and interaction is vital to human development and happiness, and it has been like this since the beginning. As the English poet John Donne once wrote in the 17th century: “no man is an island”. We cannot exist alone, whether that be as individuals, or as a nation.

So whether that’s a sneaky booking with a talented London escort, or reaching out to a partner you currently live with, in a different way, do what you can! After all, we are all adults here, and we know what we want. “Support bubbles” are in place at the moment for those who are single and living alone etc. so why on earth shouldn’t you have an escort as part of your support network? There are entire families out there completely disregarding all “rules” related to the current restrictions in London.

What’s good for you

We may have mentioned before about this, but it’s important, so we don’t mind saying it again. Besides, when it comes to those people who we have just mentioned, those who live alone, it is particularly important to highlight. Those who live alone and have no one really that they can turn to when they’re in isolation, desperately need to consider how important it is to have human contact and companionship.

It is a widely known fact that human touch alone is a very powerful thing. The touch of another, a hug, a kiss, or indeed any sign of physical affection, has health benefits. This could be the gentle pressure of a masseuse has they ease away your aches and pains, or even a pat on the back from a stranger or someone you haven’t seen for so long. Let’s face it, during this time, people are missing even the simplest of touches like a handshake!

Your skin is massively receptive to touch, as you are more than aware we’re sure. It’s the largest organ of the human body. Your skin is the conduit through which you absorb the benefits of touch and contact of any type. When you register touch (depending on how it is given) your body automatically produces oxytocin and reduces the level of cortisol in the blood (stress hormone). It lowers your blood pressure too, so it’s more important than you know. When we say that escorts relieve stress, we couldn’t possibly be making it up. Of course they do! The touch of the right person, at the right time, can be truly amazing physiologically.

You do what you have to

At the end of the day, we all do what we have to in order to get by. Which is why you will never get any judgement from Babylon Girls. We have been a liberated and openminded escort agency for many years, and we have made a lot of people very happy indeed. The time for a resurgence in the escorting community is coming, and it’s coming fast. A new acceptance and love for our industry is on the way ladies and gentlemen, and when all this is over, there will be many people turning to us to help them. Protection Status
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