How to Spank your Lover

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How to Spank Your Lover

If you're looking for a new way to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further. Spanking is a great way to change up your routine and bring some excitement into the bedroom. But how do you go about it? How do you get started? Well, this guide will take you through all the steps of spanking your lover, whether it's your first time or not!

Learn about it

Spanking is a form of erotic play that can be used as a punishment or reward, to enhance other forms of sex, and to build trust and intimacy. Spanking can also be seen as an expression of sexual desire. You might want to consider spanking because:

  • It's fun!
  • You want to spice things up in bed
  • You’re sexually curious
  • You want to get closer to your partner and share different intimacies

Talk about it outside the bedroom

It's important to realize that spanking is not an act of aggression; it's a form of erotic play. Just as you'd discuss the proper use of a vibrator, or other sex toys with your partner before bringing them into the bedroom, so should you talk about spanking beforehand.

Start by talking about what kind of sensation you're looking for. Maybe it's light stinging with each blow or maybe it’s more like heavy impacts with each strike. Discuss what feels good to you and what doesn't feel good. If there are certain areas that are off limits due to soreness or injury then make sure your partner knows this as well. Ask for feedback throughout if you are the one giving the spanking, you don't want to beat up your lover without knowing how they're feeling!

Get to know your spanking implement

While it's important to know your own body, it's equally important to get to know your spanking implement. The type of spanking implement that you choose will have a direct impact on the experience and should be chosen wisely.

There are many different types of implements for spanking lovers and all can be used in numerous ways. If you're not sure which one is best for you and/or your partner, we've got some tips below on how to pick one!

The first step is deciding what type of implement you want: hand or paddle? Once you've made this decision, there's still more work to do! There are several factors that need consideration before making a final decision: weight, size, and material (wood vs plastic). All these aspects play an important role in how much pleasure each user will receive during their session together so don't forget about them.

Start slowly, go slow

There's a lot to learn about spanking, so you might want to take it slow. Start with a light tap and build up from there. If you're using your hand, try using just the tips of your fingers instead of wrapping your whole hand around their butt cheek. You may also want to use a paddle or whip instead of your hand; these provide more impact without having as much skin-to-skin contact as hands would require.

Keep communication open during the act

Spanking is a form of play that can be very erotic, but it's also a powerful way to communicate with your partner. Like any form of physical play, consent and communication are essential parts of the experience. Even BDSM escort girls are careful what they do if they are required to administer a little pain!

To keep things positive and consensual, ask each other what you like before beginning any spanking scene. If you don't have a clear idea about what makes your partner hot and bothered yet, ask them to show you some books or websites that contain good examples of spanking erotica. Once they've given you some tips on how they like to be touched in this way, it's time for both partners to discuss their limits and boundaries. This is where many people get hung up: most people want their partners to know when something hurts or doesn't feel good for them—and yet there's still plenty of room for miscommunication in such situations! You'll need lots of open dialogue between partners before starting anything else so everyone knows what they're getting into as well as why they're getting into it.

It’s also crucial that one partner doesn't dominate the conversation while another stays silent; this type of interaction can lead down some dangerous roads very quickly if both partners aren’t able express themselves freely throughout the process.

Consensual only

When it comes to spanking, the most important thing is to remember that no means no. If your partner says they don't want to be spanked, then you should respect that decision. They may be worried about how their body will react or whether they'll feel uncomfortable with the pain of a slap on their butt cheeks.

In this case, you can still have fun getting creative with other types of light taps and slaps in different areas around the body (not just on the butt). For example, try a gentle tap on your lover's shoulder as a way of asking them to turn around and face you during sex or oral sex so that you can go into more detail about what exactly turns them on!

Spanking is a great way to change up the routine

Spanking is a great way to change up the routine and spicing things up. It can be used in a variety of ways, from teasing to punishment and everything in between.

It's not just for kinky people either—spanking can bring new life and passion into any relationship that's grown bored over time.


There are many ways to spank your lover, and the best way to do it is the one that works for you and your lover. It’s important to be safe and consensual, but there are ways to spice up a relationship even if you don’t want to get into BDSM or other kinks. Spanking can be a fun little way of giving a partner what they need—or giving yourself what you need if they don’t want any part in all of this!

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