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How Escort Reviews Work at Babylon Girls London Agency

How to Write an Escort Review

Some of you will already be great reviewers of course. We wouldn’t like to start off an article like this by upsetting anyone. Those of you who already do submit reviews for the girls you visit are always appreciated, you will never know the value of your efforts, and we thank you for it. However, it has come to our attention that some of our clients may not write reviews about their experiences, simply because they are not sure how the process works. So we are going to take a little time to explain it to you in as much detail as we can.

Reviewing escorts at Babylon Girls

To begin with, we must assert that we do not submit fake reviews on our website. This is counter productive to say the very least, and it’s not something we even have time to do; even if we wanted to. We monitor the reviews we get and we publish all of them within reason. Meaning that we do not publish anything overtly sexual, and we don’t publish anything that’s offensive.

Reviewing a girl on Babylon Girls is very easy indeed. It’s a simple case of clicking the “Add Review” link on the girl’s profile. You can find this below any existing reviews she may have. Then you will be taken to another screen, where you can give the girl a star rating and add any comments you want before submitting. You will be required to insert an email address (but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter if this is real or not). Your name doesn’t even have to be real if you don’t want it to be. Then you can tick the box if you want to sign up for our newsletter (if you do this, ensure you have entered a real email address!) You enter the security code and submit. That’s it.

Reviewing concerns

Some people have concerns about submitting reviews, but this is not Google reviews. You are not obligated to reveal your identity at all; we totally understand. It’s the feedback we want more than anything, not your information. You do not receive anything, we do not contact you via email or text message after leaving a review. The only time we will contact you is if you sign up for the newsletter, or you contact us and request a reply. Your privacy and security are very important to us!

Good for the girls

The more reviews the girls get onsite, the more likely they are of becoming top reviewed escorts and this means that they get admittance into that gallery. Many clients only ever book from the top reviewed girls. Along with those escorts that are client recommended of course.

Offsite Independent Reviews

There are two reasons we are always banging on about independent escort review website, and we continually ask you to post reviews on them: People trust them more, and we get links back to Babylon Girls. Obviously we want escort hobbyists to benefit from your experiences with our girls, but those are the main two reasons. We are trying to run a business here.

Despite the fact that (as we have said already) we do not publish fake reviews on our website, people will always trust a website that is not connected in any way – namely an independent escort review site. There are a number of them out there. Punternet, The Erotic Review, Escort Rankings, to name a few. Punternet is arguably the easiest to sign up for and submit a review. Like our review process, you don’t have to give them your name, and you can use any email address you like of course. They don’t contact you ever, so you have nothing to worry about there; with the exception of a confirmation sign up email perhaps.

If you ever want any help setting up one of these accounts, on any of the independent websites we have mentioned in this article, we are always very happy to assist you. We have a very capable team at Babylon, with vast knowledge in these areas, and they will always help you.

Independent Review Process

On an independent escort review site, they ask you a few things about your experience. They will begin by asking things like the escort’s name, her location, when you went to see her and sometimes the time of your booking. They will want to know how long the booking was too, and in some cases they may ask about your experience with the agency or how you booked the girl (telephone, text message, WhatsApp etc). You will be required to give them a link back to the website you booked from, and sometimes directly to the girl’s profile page.

You should know – these details are never checked with the agency – no need to worry

More details

After the necessary booking details, you will be asked about your experience. This is where you can pretty much write whatever you want. They will ask you about the girl’s residence etc. her appearance, whether she looked like her pictures etc. Then you will get to write any details you want about your meeting. This can be as detailed as you want it to be. After all, it was your booking, and only you know how it went.

Your Privacy

It is worth mentioning that your reviews on some of these website can only be viewed by members. Others are public, but there is no way of connecting you to the reviews. These escort review sites have never been compromised in all the decades they have been running. You can rest assured! Protection Status
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