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High class escorts and what it means Defining High Class Escorts

What exactly do we mean when we say “high class” escorts? What does any agency or independent London escort mean? For many it has become all about the difference in price. The same can be said for Babylon Girls. We have continued to put the higher priced girls in the high class escort category. But this shouldn’t mean that any of the cheaper girls are any less good at their job. The reason we categorise like this is mainly the price, as we said, and most clients know that the high end girls cost more. So that’s where they go.

Is there anything else to it?

As it happens there is, but we are always hesitant to mention it. Some of the high end girls you see in our gallery at Babylon are said to offer a better service. A classier service? That remains to be seen, and it’s not something we can comment on, since we don’t book the girls ourselves. It has to be down to the individual client. If you are more interested in what previous clients have thought of the girls, it’s a good idea to visit the Client Recommended Escort gallery.

High class girls are generally preferred for outcall dinner dates and extended bookings. This is mainly because they have set their price high for a number of reasons. They can perhaps speak very good English, or they may have extremely high confidence when it comes to outcalls in restaurants. They may well be excellent conversationalists, or experts in the art of the fabled “Girlfriend Experience” too. The true test of a girl’s worth has to be in the individual booking. Because it doesn’t matter what we write, or what anyone else writes for that matter, everyone has different taste. And everyone has a different idea about what high class is supposed to mean.

Nothing to do with beauty

It’s for this reason that we have to add that, due to the highly subjective nature of the business, high class can have nothing to do with beauty. It is, as we believe Plato once said, in the eye of the beholder. So what you find beautiful, someone else may not. We like to pride ourselves on the fact that we have someone for everyone here at Babylon Girls, and our London escorts are all physically stunning to look at, no matter what your taste.

Trust the girls

It has to be said that the classification of the girls as far as price is concerned, is entirely up to them. So if they value themselves higher than other girls, there has to be a reason. Don’t think for a moment that it’s a purely arbitrary choice. They will have been told at some point or other how they compare to other girls, and they are not stupid. Services they offer may even be inclusive of the price, so that you don’t have to pay any extra. All is revealed when you make a booking of course.

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