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Hot Escorts in Hot Weather

Heatwave London Hotties

It’s hot in London! Boy it’s hot! But the girls are so hot too, right? So you’re thinking about whether or not you should go and visit one of them in this heat. The quick and simple answer is, yes of course you should. You shouldn’t let the weather put you off. And we’re going to tell you why.

Girls Take Care of You

Our London escorts have always been the very best, most of you know this by now. This means that they will do most anything to ensure your comfort during your stay with them. They will always have refreshments available to you, and you should take full advantage of this and keep yourself well hydrated. You usually take a shower anyway, so take a cooler one. You needn’t worry, your escort girl will soon warm you back up a bit when you’ve finished.!

All the girls usually have air conditioned apartments here in Central London, but those that don’t always take precautions to keep the place cool by keeping their windows and curtains closed during the day, and many have great fans that they can switch on whilst the two of you are together. If you are concerned about this, you can always ask our receptionists, and they will be happy to check whether the apartment you’re visiting has AC or not.

Late Night Bookings

If you are afforded the opportunity to book a girl later in the evening or the middle of the night, now would be a good time to do this. We have escorts available 24 hours a day at Babylon Girls, and the best time to book girls in a heatwave, is in the middle of the night when it’s cooler. Think about it, both you and your escort are going to be much cooler, and these girls are highly professional and versatile, and well used to late night bookings.

Take Care of Yourself

In all seriousness gentlemen, we would just like to remind you of a few things you should be doing in this weather. If you’re a keen London escort hobbyist, you’re not going to be deterred from booking the girls in the middle of a heatwave. Hell, nothing would stop you. But you can take steps to ensure that you stay fit and well in such weather.

  • Make sure you wear sensible clothes. If you work in an office here in London, try to revamp your suit and tie combination for something a little more weather friendly. Don’t wear tight and restrictive clothes, wear something that would allow airflow. And ditch the tie to start with. Light colours are always best at repelling the heat, and try to avoid black.
  • Get a hat! You may not think you’re a hat kind of person, but there are few that are. That’s not the point here. It doesn’t matter what you think you look like really, but if you are concerned, go online and look for a Panama hat or something like that. Those hats are light coloured and excellent at keeping the sun off your head. Very important if you’re bald or have very short hair.
  • We shouldn’t have to say it, but we will anyway. Stay hydrated! If you travel by tube anywhere in London, this is particularly important
  • Slow down and take your time. It’s better to be late and stress free, that it is to end up passed out on the boiling hot pavement guys! This is especially so if you don’t handle the heat very well, or you suffer with high blood pressure etc.

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