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Escort Girls From All Over the Globe at Babylon Girls

Escorts From Everywhere!

You may or may not have noticed already, but Babylon Girls happen to have the monopoly on girls from all over the world. Being one of London’s number one agencies, it’s not surprising. Allow us to expand on that a little in this brief article.

Everyone loves something different

Our clients have always been very impressed with the amount of escort from Europe we get at the agency. And when we say Europe, we do not just mean Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia etc. There are loads of countries that could fall into that category. But we also have girls from Ukraine.

And that’s just Eastern Europe! Europe is a very big place, so we’re counting Western Europe too, including the UK. We have escorts from Germany, France and Spain to name a few. Everyone likes something different, right? Well the UK clients we have absolutely love booking the girls from Europe. They love their unique and sexy appearance, and they love their broken English accents. Sometimes there’s nothing sexier than hearing a French girl whispering sweet nothings into your ear!

As well as the Brits loving the European girls, these young ladies also get booked by Europeans. Maybe they want to date a girl that reminds them of home? Maybe it’s something else. Tourist clients are very keen on the girls too of course.

All Over the Globe

It doesn’t end with Europe of course. Babylon Girls have lots of very popular ladies from Russia too. These women are among the best in the business; no joke. It’s almost as though they were built for the escorting business.

And on the other side of the globe, we have seen a massive increase in the number of South American girls coming to London. They come from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia. We have Brazilian escorts, and even some Peruvian lovelies. A little further north into Central America, and you will find that we have Mexican girls too! They come to us from literally all over the world.

So Why Us?

Some people wonder where on earth we find them all, but it’s really nothing like that. When you operate a successful escort agency, it’s not hard to get girls to send applications in. If they have already made the decision to come to London and offer their escort services, they only have to do a Google search to see that we are by far the best agency to register with; and we are likely to get them the most bookings. It helps when you have a good reputation in the business too of course, as we surely do.

And considering that the UK does not find anything suspicious or illegal about escorting, unlike some countries in the world, we get a lot of interest. These girls want to travel the world and see a little of life whilst they are young, free and single. So they find cities like London, where it is widely known worldwide that there are plenty of escorts on offer. The demand is here, so of course this is why they want to work here.

Want to Work with Babylon Girls

We do get a lot of escort applications at Babylon Girls, but we are always looking out for the next best girls. And sometimes the girls only stay a short time, so we always need to replace them. If you want to work with us at Babylon, simply get in touch and send an application. Protection Status
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