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Filming Escorts: The Rules

The short version of this is that the “rules” when it comes to filming your chosen escort, vary considerably from girl to girl. It’s not something we can tell you much about, but we will tell you what to expect, based on feedback we have received in the past.

Everyone wants to remember their London escort experience, that goes without saying of course. It’s one of the most memorable moments you will ever have in your life. Lessened only by seeing more escorts. If you are a regular hobbyist, you will already know that your memories of seeing various girls may become blurred over the years, since they are all so very fantastic. Of course there will be a few that really stick in your mind, but not all of them. So, perhaps you may want some other kind of reminder of your experiences. This is where filming escorts comes in handy.

They don’t all do it

Not all the girls will do this. Many of them value their privacy and don’t wish to exist on a stranger’s camera on the other side of the world, never knowing whether the video footage will be seen by others. For an escort girl, it’s a risk. But it is a risk that some of them are willing to take. But as a client, you must realise that these girls need some form of protection, and most of them will quite rightly want some kind of extra bonus for allowing any type of filming to take place.

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You will notice that there have been some changes on the girls’ profiles. Now in their service lists you will see that if a girl charges an extra fee for anything, it will be clearly displayed, so there can be no confusion. For example you may see a girl with CIM services listed, and it may also say “extra 50,” or “extra 100,” or whatever she may ask. We have done this to enable our clients to make a more informed choice about the girls they book. The same can be seen for filming.

Extra Fees and Precautions

So, if you have a look in the filming escort gallery, you will see that all the girls may have different extra fees that will allow you to film them. This is their incentive to allow you. And it really is a privilege to allow you to do this, so please do not try to haggle with them on the fee. If you genuinely want to film your experience, or some of it at least, just pay her the extra fee and go along with whatever other things she requires you to do. It’s not worth arguing about.

Whether it’s an extra £100, or an extra £200, just pay it and follow her instructions. Some girls may only allow filming when they are wearing a mask. Some girls may not allow you to film their faces. These are for obvious reasons, so again, don’t argue with them. Remember that this is a privilege, and whatever you manage to capture on video, will be a very unique gift from your chosen girl to you.

Do not insist

Please do not embarrass yourself by insisting that one of the girls allow you to film them. It’s not something you can demand, and the girls are beyond your command too. In fact, never insist on anything from your London escort. Always remember that getting to spend time with one of these lovely ladies is one of the greatest privileges you will ever have in your life. Have lots of fun, but never push your luck! Protection Status
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