Escorts set their own prices

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Escort girls set their own fee

Escorts set their own prices

There is something that we would like to make very clear indeed. An escorts agency – at least Babylon Girls – does not set the price for a girl’s service. An escort agency acts as an agency only. Or at least that’s what an agency should do. Here at Babylon Girls, we get all the necessary information from the girls we represent, and we represent them how they want us to on our website. It doesn’t get much easier than that. We then take bookings for the girls, acting as an intermediary so the girls do not have to directly communicate with their clients. It makes their job much easier if they don’t have to put up with all the calls, and all the nonsense that sometimes goes along with them. They would much rather just take bookings from an agency, and pay the agency a commission.

So, essentially, we work for the girls, they do not work for us. There may well be agencies out there that set the prices for the girls, and we know for a fact there are agencies out there that deliver girls to their clients. This is not us, this is arguably illegal, since it crosses a line into control. We have zero control over the girls we represent, nor do we want any. Do you have any idea how difficult it is just to manage their bookings for them?!

The price of an escort

When it comes to their prices, we do know which of the girls may be pricing themselves “out of the market,” so to speak. And we do understand this area very well. When you manage this many girls, you get to know how popular they are, and which girls get booked the most at certain prices. But it is not our job to tell them to change their price. Sometimes an escort girl for £200 an hour may change her rate to £600 an hour or more, just because she wants to do fewer bookings. The trouble with this is that increasing the price, does not mean she will still get as much interest. We know that girls at £300 and less get the most bookings, primarily because this is what most men can afford.

Do you honestly believe that when a girl increases her fee by a couple of hundred quid that she has somehow magically got better at what she does? Sadly, clients sometimes have to accept the fact that girls increase their fee just because they want more money, or less work, or any number of arbitrary reasons. It has very little to do with the level of service in most cases.

High End Girls

However, having said that, there are a number of VIP girls that have always maintained a high price for their service. These girls are said to be a step above the rest, although if that’s true, we cannot confirm it. Perhaps you could confirm it by booking one from each price range and deciding for yourself. At the end of the day, booking an escort is not like buying a washing machine or renting a car. There is no one standard that all the girls should be in accordance with, and most of the time clients take their chances. This is why it becomes important to read escort reviews, on our website and on those independent escort review websites. Protection Status
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