Enjoying Oral Sex

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Enjoying Oral Sex

Whether you enjoy oral sex with your partner, or an escort girl, we are dedicating todays blog article to all your oral addicts out there. It’s all very well having sex with a woman, but sometimes oral sex can be just as enjoyable; and for some, even more enjoyable. As you already know, the escorts at Babylon Girls are all very sexually liberated, so it goes without saying that they all enjoy oral sex; and most of them both ways.

Sometimes you will find an escort who enjoys giving oral, but doesn’t necessarily enjoy receiving it, or she may not like having a 69 with her lover. It’s always down to personal choice of course, and if you are ever to “get lucky” with an escort, it’s a good idea to make sure before you consider going down, so to speak.

Don’t be a selfish lover

Whether you’re getting lucky with a London escort girl, a woman you’re dating, or even your wife or partner, you need to ensure you’re not being self centred. All men love to get a blow job, that much goes without saying. And we all know that oral without a condom is even better of course! But, when you’ve finished thinking about how nice it is to have a talented woman blowing on your trumpet, just take a moment to think about the woman who is delivering that earth shattering service!

She may not always like to have a 69, which is obviously the best way to give oral to a woman (since you’re getting it yourself), but you can always go down on her. If you’re not someone who usually goes down on your partner, or perhaps you have never tried it before, it can honestly be one of the most rewarding experiences of your sex life. If you get your technique down, and you make your partner happy, seeing them enjoy the experience is a big turn on. And when we say a “big” turn on, we really mean it. Until you have made a woman climax by giving her oral pleasure, you really can’t know what we’re talking about. So, no matter who it is you have in your crosshairs, we suggest you give them a wonderful experience the next time you are together. And it really is worth experimenting with your technique.

When you’re going down, remember that it isn’t a pie eating contest! You don’t have to make her climax as quickly as possible, and if you go at it like a dog cleaning his bowl, you are likely to desensitise your partner, and for them it will get boring pretty quickly. The clitoris alone is a highly sensitive part of your partner’s genitalia, and it sometimes you get a better response by being gentle, or at the very least mixing it between gentle and more forceful. If you pay attention, she will give you signs about how well you are doing. If she reacts, then it’s likely you’ve hit the right spot and what you’re doing is working. Do your best to remember it for next time.

Important Information about escorts

Please try to remember that the girls we represent at Babylon Girls are not sex robots. They are not here to bow to your every desire and do what you tell them. That’s the job of a prostitute or sex worker. An escort is a woman you pay, yes, but you are paying for her time and companionship. You still have to do a little work if you want to impress them enough to get them into bed! Believe us when we tell you that it most certainly is not a given!

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