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Two heads are better than one!

Why Book Duo Escorts

They say two heads are better than one, and in the case of London escorts, this is certainly the case. Notice there we mentioned nothing about getting head, that was just your filthy mind working overtime! There are so many of you who have yet to experience the pleasures of a London escort duo, and this troubles us. So we thought we would explain why it’s such a good idea.

Two Heads!

Yes, there will be two beautiful escort girls in the same room with you. They are there to entertain you and make you feel wonderful. You know this already, but it’s daunting being faced with two beautiful women. It’s bad enough when it’s just one hot girl we know. Well, the thing with this is that you have to keep at the forefront of your mind that they are there for you. It’s almost like treating yourself as a King. Tell yourself you deserve the attentions of these girls, and you won’t go far wrong.

Seriously, having two girls attend to your every need and want to spend time with you, is a very affirming experience. It does wonders for your self confidence if you can hold your own with two girls. Once you get over that initial anxiety, you will soon wonder why you haven’t done this before!

Bisexual Escort Duos

Some would say that the best thing about booking an escort duo is the fact that they will be genuine bisexual girls. This is an insanely hot experience if you do get two girls that are into each other, and it shouldn’t be missed. There are bi duo shows available from Babylon Girls, where you simply sit back and enjoy a show that the sexy duo put on for you. It’s worth mentioning though, not all duos are bisexual, and some do not interact with one another on your booking. You can check this with the receptionist when you enquire.

Not as Expensive as you Think

Many of you will complain that you can’t afford an escort duo, but have you actually checked their prices? They are not out of your range at all. Booking a hot London escort duo is cheaper than booking some solo girls. Did you know that we have some girls for £600 and above here at Babylon Girls. Well, you could get a two hour booking with some London escort duos, for the same price as one of these girls. Seriously, even some of the best duos are only £350!. You can’t complain about that. Why not just miss one of your bookings, and the next time book two!

Twice the Memories

Don’t forget that with a duo you will have two girls to remember. And you can bet your life that each of the girls at Babylon Girls, does things very differently from each other. You could end up with a blonde and a brunette, or a tall and a petite girl. They all have physical and personality difference, and when you book two of them it really is like getting twice the fun, and twice the memories.

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