Discounts until March for Subscribers

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Discounts until March for Subscribers

For those of you not already subscribed to our newsletter, we would like to ask you one questions. Why? If you are indeed an escort hobbyist, or you are even just thinking about booking a girl? Why would you not sign up for our newsletter?

Allow us to tell you a little about, just in case you are worried about something or other. The Babylon Girls Newsletter is not something that is likely to bother or pester you in some way. We send out a newsletter every week on a Friday to wish our subscribers “Happy Friday!” Basically, it’s a very brief summary of what’s new at the agency. We include pictures and links to three of chosen girls (usually new girls), who are currently recommended, we let you know if there are any new reviews on the independent review websites, the occasional competition, and sometimes there will be an exclusive offer for newsletter subscribers only.

Our Offers

At least every month, and sometimes more often, we will offer our valuable subscribers discounts off escort services. We will always offer at least one discount every single month at Babylon Girls, and these go a long way to giving our clients a wonderful experience. When you get discounts off your escort services, you obviously don’t have to pay the full price. And depending on what girl you book and her fee, you could be saving yourself a hell of a lot of booking. Our discounts are always sitewide, and they are always off any type of booking you choose. So you can imagine how much money you could save if you book an overnight London escort experience!

Sometimes we will offer more than one discount during the month. They can come at anytime these days too, so it’s worth subscribing. We used to offer our discounts exclusively on weekends, but we have changed lately to make this more flexible. Sign up to find out.

Exclusive Offer for February

We won’t go into too many details, but we will tell you that there is a discount available now from Babylon Girls that is in effect until the end of February. You can’t afford to miss out on this offer, it’s truly marvellous if you’re a regular hobbyist.

And when March arrives, then April, and as the nation finds itself in a much better place, you can bet your life that Babylon Girls will be here with you to ensure that you continue to get more and more offers and discounts as the months go on. We are looking forward to a very hot summer! Protection Status
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