Dating European Women

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European girl dating

Dating European Women

Not that you are likely to date one of the European escorts we have at Babylon Girls of course, but we thought you may be interested in a few tips when it comes to dating those lovely ladies. And they are indeed lovely, are they not? When you’re a man from the UK, just the sight of a European woman is enough to get your pulse racing. Some people say that they don’t look that different to some British girls, but we beg to differ. And not just the Eastern European women either, if you take a look at our escorts from Spain for example, you will see that they look very different.

Lucky enough to get a date?

If you are lucky enough to get a date with a European girl, you need to know a few things. Europeans are generally more liberated than the British. Chances are, you have been stifled for a very long time in relationships with British girls. British relationships are very reserved, and follow a strict pattern most of the time. A European girl will love fiercely, yet she will be far more relaxed about most things. She will not expect you to live in her pocket (even if you want her to) and she wouldn’t expect you to put constraints on her either. The old phrase, if you love something, set it free, springs to mind here.

However, a relaxed and passionate courtship aside, European girls can be very traditional when it comes to settling down with their man. Things like marriage and long-term plans are much more common in Europe. The British do not take these things seriously these days, and many marriages break down very easily because of it. Sometimes it’s a case of too much preparation when you decided to make a commitment with a British girl. But Europeans generally tend to go with their feelings and their “gut instinct,” so to speak. If it feels right and they are in love with their partner, they will take the plunge easily and work hard to make things work.

When you can’t get a date

Well, you know where we are going with this of course! If you can’t get a date with a beautiful woman, browse our London escorts and find one you really want. You may not be able to keep her, but you can have her for short periods of time, whenever you want. And some people would argue that it’s better than having a real girlfriend. At least you don’t have to put up with the negative effects of a relationship. You get all the good stuff instead, and what’s not to love about the girls at Babylon?

Besides, what’s your hurry? You don’t want anything too serious yet do you? Protection Status
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