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Contact Services Open!

Of course you know what we read when they published that, don’t you? Good news for Babylon Girls! Because if you can get a masseuse to run their hands all over you in a spa, you can have an escort doing that job in a much more interesting manner. In actual fact, we have a delightful range of London massage escorts at Babylon Girls. So even if you didn’t want anything else from your date, and you wanted to follow the rules to the very letter, you can still have a massage with a beautiful woman. And yes, it really does make a difference what your masseuse looks like and what she wears, don’t let anyone else tell you any different. A massage from a fit Russian model, wearing hold up stockings, is much better than some not so hot woman in a white gown, dressed like a doctor!

when you think about it, you have just as much chance of catching a cold from a hairdresser trimming your fringe, as you do from a hot London escort date. Let’s be honest about it. And don’t even think about going to one of those Asian massage parlours where they rip you off as soon as you get through the door. You pay your fee, and then suddenly you need to pay more for this and more for that. When you are trying to get yourself a nice sensual massage, the last thing you need to be doing is reaching for your wallet every ten minutes!

It can only get better

The way the “roadmap” is going, things can only get better if we keep being as sensible as we can. We are not saying that you shouldn’t see one of the girls when you want, you are well aware of how we feel about that in relation to other contact services. What we mean is that if you do get any symptoms etc. follow the rules and keep away from others. This thing is going to stick around for a long time, regardless of vaccinations and precautions, so the best way we can move forward is to be sensible when we can. The girls are all very sensible, and they get tests when they need to. We can’t possibly speak for all of them of course, but those we have spoken with, are trying their very best to make a living, whilst working within the current restrictions.

Look forward to dining outside

Rooftop bars and restaurants with service outside will be open soon, and you can all get together in these places and have a good time. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends. It will be even better because London is not yet really open for tourism in the conventional sense. With international travel still being held back, you get a lot more space to enjoy our lovely city. It will get very busy, very quickly once those airlines are all opening up again. Obviously we are looking forward to it because we will get many more clients, but also many more new girls at the agency. Protection Status
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