What does it mean to be “Client Recommended”

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What does it mean to be “Client Recommended”

It means exactly what it says. Whilst the girls can be in many other categories, if they appear in the Client Recommended Escort they command a little more attention than the rest. This is because our trusted clients have stated quite clearly that they would definitely recommend the girls to other clients. That says a lot too. It’s not the same as being reviewed by a client. Not everyone who books an escort wants to review them on the website, or on an independent escort review website. But if we get a significant number of messages from satisfied clients about a particular girl, she will go on this gallery. So basically it’s all made possible by you!

Not just any client

You should know, we don’t just take anyone’s word for it. There’s a lot more to taking a recommendation than simply receiving a text message from a client who has seen one of the girls. We wouldn’t put a girl in the client recommended gallery unless she was recommended by at least two of our regular clients. Or as we like to refer to you as, “our best clients”. For obvious reasons we like the clients that book regularly, but it’s a little more than that. We have been in business long enough to grant us the ability to have a good relationship with some of our regular clients. They know us and trust us, and we know and trust them.

Not just any girls

And the girls that get these recommendations are usually the same girls. Mostly because they get booked by the same client. But this should tell you enough already. If a client chooses to book the same girl regularly, when there are so many London escorts to choose, she must be very special. It takes a few of our regulars to book a fresh, new girl and give us some feedback for her to make it onto the client recommended list.

Establishing a relationship with a girl

We are lucky with our client list. Whilst our regular clients often build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our girls, they never cross any lines. That mutual respect remains, no matter what. Clients are well aware that the relationship they develop remains within the parameters of escort / client, and nothing else could possibly happen. It’s not in the girls’ best interests to get involved with their clients anyway, and there are rarely any clients who could actually have a relationship with an escort. You can’t hold these girls back, they want to pursue their career, they enjoy their lifestyle, and they won’t be hampered by anyone. We have yet to come across a man who could tolerate his girlfriend dating other men.

Establishing a relationship with an agency

We are always incredibly happy to get closer to our clients. We have a great relationship with the girls we represent, and we see no reason why we can’t get along well with our clients too. This is only if they wish to be known to us of course, we are a very discreet agency after all. When we get to know a client, we are able to better recommend girls to them, and are always happy to make special arrangements wherever we can. Babylon Girls is your “go to” agency for London escorts. Make a start by signing up for our newsletter.

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