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Booking Cum in Face Escorts

It should be pretty self explanatory what this means really. You will often see these girls on any agency website, using the acronym CIF escorts. These are all girls who enjoy this sexual act with their partners. But we have to make it crystal clear, as we do when it comes to everything the girls decide to display on their profiles, this does not mean that they will let you cum in their face. You can read more about these girls on the CIF gallery page of course, but we thought it best to reiterate exactly what this means, in a short blog post.

Have you ever ejaculated into a girl’s face before? Some of you will have, some of you have yet to experience it. Most of the time it’s because it has happened by accident. Or rather, happened by “accident,” if you get what we mean. Some guys will have their girlfriends giving them a blow job and tell them that they are going to cum because the girlfriend does not like cum in her mouth. However, some of you naughty guys do it with only just enough time to pull out of her mouth as you are ejaculating and it shoots into her face. Now, as pleasurable as this may be to you to see, it may just land you in hot water with the wife or girlfriend, and it could be the last blow job you get for a while if she doesn’t like cum in her face. So you have to take your chances there, don’t you?

Cumming in an escort’s face

Again, we are not saying you will get the chance to do this. Remember what we have said time and time again. Just because a girl says she enjoys having cum splattered in her face, it does not mean she will want you to do it. These are her sexual preferences, and they are put on the girls profiles at their request, in order to entice you. Having said that, if you are super lucky, they may well give you a blow job. Who knows? It depends on how well the two of you get along we suppose. But again, this isn’t something we can comment on, or know anything about. We suppose that if you stand any chance of shooting your load into a girl’s face, a CIF London escort would be your best chance, simply because they enjoy it. And finding a girl who actually, genuinely enjoys this sexual act, is pretty rare.

Do they really enjoy it?

We know what you are thinking here. Because you wouldn’t enjoy someone ejaculating in your face, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there that do. It’s a purely sexual preference. Those that enjoy this usually get off on having it done to them. Perhaps they are sexually submissive, or they just like to see the enjoyment on their lover’s face as he unloads all over them. It’s hard to tell without actually talking to someone who loves it as much as some of these girls do. Who knows, perhaps we’ll get an exclusive interview with one of these London escorts one of these days? Perhaps when they are not too busy!

In the meantime, it has to make a change to date a girl who enjoys this doesn’t it? Even if it didn’t happen for you, just being around a beautiful girl who is this liberated, must be a wonderful experience. You can talk about pretty much anything with a London escort, and you won’t shock them. They have heard it all before. But the most wonderful thing about it is that they keep coming back for more. So they must love it!

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