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CIF Escort Services Explained

Some of you will already know what this means, and some of you will need an explanation. You will find more information over on that particular service page too of course. In fact, this is probably a good place to begin a discussion about a CIF “service” offered by escort girls. We have a little bit of a problem with the term “service”. The only real reason we categorise these things as services is because practically every other agency in London and beyond tend to do the same thing.

What we would prefer to have there is sexual preferences. We would prefer that because the word “service” implies that the girl you go to see will do these things for you, for a price. The implication goes even further by implying that because it’s a service, it must be given at the request of the client. Whereas we all know that this is not true at all. These are actually preferences, and they are in no way guaranteed. Just because we have escorts who enjoy cum in their face, it does not mean that they want to do this for all the clients they meet. These are things they enjoy doing in the bedroom because they are liberated young women who are sexually active, and often experimental.

What you need to be remember

If you remember to think of these services more as preferences you won’t ever be too disappointed. They may have numerous things on their lists, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to enjoy anal sex with their clients for example. These are sexual acts they have indulged in before and enjoyed. The reason they ask agencies to put them on their profiles is a way of enticing clients to book them of course. Everything is marketing, and we must do as they ask, or they will simply use another agency. We just thing it’s fair to warn our clients that they should be thinking about services in a very different way.

Most of the girls are not trying to deceive their clients. In fact, they may well enjoy having sex with some of their clients (this is their business of course), so they more than likely want to put these things on their profiles because they genuinely enjoy doing them. They just like to choose who they do them with! That’s not too much to ask is it? And when you have such a choice of liberated young escort models to choose from, there’s hardly anything to complain about.

However, there are some girls who occasionally exploit this. We try our very best to avoid these girls, but it’s not always possible. We find out eventually of course, because clients will complain. It’s usually because a girl is reluctant to do anything at all, or she looks different to her pictures, or she is just plain rude. We will not tolerate liars, cheats or rude girls at Babylon Girls, so we usually immediately get them off the site. There are always more girls to choose from, right? When you have an agency as popular and as well respected as ours, there is no shortage of applications from wannabee models!

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