London Escort plans for Christmas

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Escort plans for Christmas

London Escort plans for Christmas

We all like to book a girl at Christmas, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. Thank goodness for that! The girls have been through enough in 2020, and we’re sure you have too. It’s all about sending this year out with a bang in our opinion, even though the world is not necessarily “out of the fire,” so to speak. With a new vaccine on the way to protect ourselves from Coronavirus, it seems as though 2021 will be a year to look forward to.

Whilst the latest closures and restrictions haven’t really compelled escort agencies to close, we and all the girls have been severely effected by the measures. With the closure of hospitality industries in London, and people working from home, November has not been a good month for anyone in this business. When you add to this that people are anxious about rising infection rates too, it hasn’t been an optimal time to be in business. But we have soldiered on none the less. It’s a case of having to really. We are in the privileged position of offering a service that involves one on one meetings between client and escort, so the risk level is incredibly low.

Santa with a London Escort

Waiting for the vaccine

There have been many of you who have taken it all in your stride and carried on regardless. You have found that the girls have been very sensible in their work and monitored their health responsibly. We have still yet to find one girl who has suffered any symptoms at all of Covid-19, so this is testament enough to know that they are doing all they can. If they get symptoms we are certain they will do the right thing and self-isolate.

So the vaccine is on the way! The trouble with the good news however, is that it comes with a cost to businesses like ours. Many people will be holding back until they have the vaccine, which is estimated to be available to most by the spring. That’s a long time for London escorts to wait for their bookings, so if this is going to be a tough last stretch, so to speak. However, when you think about it, if you have been seeing girls all this time, the last few months shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Restrictions are due to be lifted off businesses in December, and families are being told they can get together with other families inside their homes to celebrate. Surely it’s a lot less risky to mix with one London escort than three different families of indeterminate number? The logic doesn’t always add up in our opinion, and we wanted you to know that we are here for you. We recognise that you are adults and you are capable of being sensible and looking after yourself. Everyone has mouths to feed and money to make, so with all these businesses opening back up in December, you can count on Babylon Girls being among them, as we have always been.

Great offers on the way for Christmas

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