Christmas Treats from Babylon Girls

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Christmas Treats from Babylon Girls

It’s officially Christmas time at Babylon Girls. We know this because the 2020 Christmas Competition has been launched! Have you been naughty? Or are you just looking forward to being naughty? We are certain that you will find a girl here who can be as naughty as you like this Christmas.

We love the Christmas tradition here at Babylon Girls, it’s almost as though it brings us closer to our clients. You guys communicate with us via your entries of course, and if we didn’t get those interactions, we may never hear from you at all. So it’s very interesting to say the least, to gain some insight into just what sort of dates you would have the girls given the opportunity.

Christmas Sexy Girl

Competition Time

The competition this year is the best it’s ever been. Instead of offering one main £200 prize voucher and two runner up prizes, we are offering a massive £300 voucher and three runner up prizes! It doesn’t get much better than that, but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

  • First Prize - £300 Voucher
  • Second Prize - £150 Voucher
  • Third Prize - £100 Voucher
  • Fourth Prize - £50 Voucher

Do yourself a favour and enter, it couldn’t be easier. The hard part is deciding what your ideal date could be. Be inventive in your entry if you can. Don’t think about cost and practicality etc. just think about what you’d really like to do in order to show the girl of your dreams a good time. Dinner, dancing, cocktails, a show, you name it and don’t hold back. Because you know by now that if you treat the Babylon Girls well, they will always make sure they give 200% in return. There’s nothing like an escort who has been swept off her feet!

Christmas Treats in the Newsletter

We’re not going to go into any great details about the treats that you can get if you sign up for our newsletter, because that’s the surprise waiting for you; and we don’t want our competition to know what we’re doing for our subscribers. But suffice to say, there are significant discounts available to all valued subscribers, practically all the time at the moment. It’s our way of telling 2020 to go to hell!

There are plenty more changes on the way for Babylon Girls in 2021, so keep your eyes on the blog for updates, as well the newsletter. We are always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas for the agency, so feel free to contact us Protection Status
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