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Escort Locations and How to use them at Babylon Girls

Useful Escort Locations

Looking for a place to eat in London is never difficult. A simple Google search will yield enough results to make your head spin. This is why it’s always best to search for what you want by area. For example, you wouldn’t search for a “restaurant in London” when you know you’re staying in the Earls Court area. The same can be said for London escorts. We have listed all the areas in which we have active escorts available, and you can access them from the drop down location list. So now, if you are staying in Earls Court, you can search for Earls Court escort girls rather than search through every girl in Central London, or even by borough.

London Boroughs and Tube Stations

We have recently updated our location menus. Some of you may have already noticed. We have still included the various London boroughs of course, but we have separated them from the “nearest tube” stations, to make it a little less confusing. After all, escorts in Kensington and Chelsea could be located close to many different tube stations in the area. For example you could be staying at a hotel in Kensington, but when you search for escorts in Kensington, you may well be presented with escorts in Notting Hill, when you are actually staying much closer to Earls Court or Gloucester Road. So, now if you want a more accurate picture of who is available to you, according to your precise location, the new system should be more helpful.

Advice for Outcall Services

The girls are mostly happy to travel to your hotel or apartment, no matter where you are located as long as you are in Central London or the West End of course. It’s rarely a problem, but there are sometimes conditions you should be aware of. Obviously if you want an outcall that’s easier for everyone: escort and client, it’s best to book an outcall service from the area you are staying. This could be where you use the other “location” menu, rather than the “nearest tube”. If you book girls that are in your area, it should be very straightforward. You book them and they come to visit you. You all know by now that an outcall is always usually an extra £50 on top of the usually incall fee.

However, you should know that sometimes, if a girl is required to travel to your location from outside of her borough, or perhaps it’s a particularly busy time of day or night and it will take time, you may be required to pay extra to cover her travel expenses. This is not always the case, it depends largely on the time and the individual girl. But it is always best to ask about this when you communicate with our reception staff, who will always be able to advise you. If you have any problem with paying any extra fees for outcall services, it might be best for you to book an incall and just go to visit your chosen girl in her apartment. All the girls places are very well kept, and they are all discreetly located for your convenience.

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