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Why European Escorts are Often Cheaper

It’s not always the case, but it’s certainly a pattern that we have noticed, and we are sure you have too. European girls often charge less than some of the other nationalities we represent here at Babylon Girls. Is it because they are not as good as the Russian escorts, or those Latin American girls we have? Whilst we do believe there is something very special about a Russian woman, and indeed a Brazilian escort, we don’t think that they are in any way superior to the Europeans. This is a purely subjective thing really, isn’t it? What one client enjoys, may not always be the same as another. So why are the European girls so often cheaper than so many of the others?

Well, first of all, we happen to think that the Europeans provide you with a much wider choice of prices. Because when you look closely, there are many Europeans that are the same price (and some even higher) as the Russian girls. So, you could book a European escort for £150, or as much as £600+. It depends on which price category you are looking really. And it’s only by using these price categories that you can truly see the disparity between the Europeans and the Russians.


Many naïve people think that European girls are somehow not as good as other girls, but this would be a mistake to believe. If any of you have been hobbyists for a significant amount of time, you may remember a time when there were not that many Russian girls here in London, and all that you could book were Europeans. No-one was complaining then! These girls are fabulous companions, they’re very sexy, and they are all very playful! And as we said before, it’s about personal taste more than anything. When you think about it, there’s nothing a Russian or Brazilian woman can do that a European woman cannot. So it’s certainly not a question of quality. There may be some Euro girls that are not that good at their job, or they don’t have their heart and soul in it and just want to make money and go home, but the same can be said for the Russians to be fair. In our experience, we don’t get many complaints at all anyway, but if we do, we do not receive any more complaints for European girls than we do for Russians.

We have also found that the more mature escorts from Europe are a hell of a lot of fun. They have experience, and if they are still at this game, at this age, it’s likely that they really love it and will offer an amazing service. Some of our best feedback comes in for our older escorts. It’s a shame there aren’t more of them at Babylon Girls all the time. Or it’s a shame that some of the girls don’t always tell us their real ages! They could get so much more work from people who actually want girls with experience!

Extra Costs

In some cases the price difference is because some of the European girls will charge extra fees for various things. This allows them to keep their fees lower than the others. This isn’t always a bad thing as many people believe. What those people fail to recognise is that some clients would prefer to pay less for an escort service, simply because they DO NOT want any extras. Some of the Russian girls will include various things in their service, and this may already have increased their fee. For example, practically all the Russians are OWO escorts, and they do not charge extra. However, what if a client does not want this with their chosen escort? They can’t exactly ask the Russian escort to knock some money off the fee because they don’t want this. So, it’s actually in their best interests to book a girl who charges extra for this, and book her for a drastically reduced price. Everyone is happy! It is important that you agree payment with any escort you book, at the beginning of your booking. This way you can still cancel the booking if you are not totally satisfied. You may have a pretty pissed off escort on your hands, but at least you have been up front and you haven’t wasted your money. Always contact the agency if you have any problems. Protection Status
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