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The Difference Between High Class and Cheap Escorts

Difference Between Regular and High-Class Escorts

Well, this is a question that haunts every escort agency in London. What is the difference between a high end escort and a normal escort. The reason we have chosen “normal escort” alongside high class, is simply because we honestly believe that it’s arbitrary in so many cases. Just because a girl considers herself to be high class, it does not in any way depreciate the entertainment value of a girl who does not classify herself as such. What’s more is that many people tend to make their own judgements about what it means, that are based primarily in price range.

The main difference between regular and high class girls is entirely subjective in our humble opinion. If you book a girl for £1000 an hour, it does not necessarily mean that she is of a “higher class,” or any better than an escort for £200. However, we do live in a world where pretty much everything is judged on how much it costs, so this has necessitated us creating different price categories, and people will make their own judgements about high class escorts.

Categorising the Escorts

So this puts us in a position whereby we are obligated to follow the crowd and categorise the girls according to what people already believe, and what other escort agencies in London are doing. If we don’t, it doesn’t make sense. And besides, we can’t possibly invent our own criteria about what makes a girl high class and what doesn’t. It would necessitate meeting with all the girls and dating them ourselves to see if they met the desired qualities that we consider made them high class. So, it becomes much easier to consider high class girls as the expensive ones, or on our website VIP London escorts. Basically, we must go along with what everyone seems to have decided already. And without actually seeing the girls ourselves, we have to conclude that the more money you spend, the better service you will get. However, please remember the subjective nature of this, as we have already described. Babylon Girls cannot be held responsible for what happens between a client and his chosen escort anyway. We exist to facilitate the booking process only we’re afraid. We have no control over the girl, and we don’t wish to have any.

Self Assessing Girls

We are very lucky to represent some of the most talented and experienced escort girls on the planet, so when we get applications from these girls with their desired fees, we rarely argue with them. They have the experience, and they know what they are capable of on a date with their client. The girls don’t pick their fees at random, they will all have their own, unique specifications about what they do, and they will decide what their service is worth. For example, we may have a girl who speaks excellent English and is comfortable doing outcall dinner dates and going to social events with their clients. These girls may consider themselves to be of a higher value than some of the cheap London escorts we represent. Some of the cheaper girls may not like to go out on dates too much, and they may lack the confidence in communications etc. But on the other hand, some of those girls that don’t communicate too well and prefer incalls etc. may consider themselves as high class for other reasons. As we said in the introduction, it seems arbitrary to us, but it’s certainly not our position to argue with the girls about how much they charge for their services. It’s entirely up to them.

Your Experience Counts

When it comes to defining a difference between the cheaper and the more expensive girls, a lot of it comes down to you. If you are a regular hobbyist, you may well have a certain budget you like to stick to. This may suit you fine, and you could probably, loosely describe what type of girls you get for this price, and a general idea about what to expect. The only real way to work out whether or not there is a massive difference in service between these perceived classes, is to book one from outside of your “comfort zone,” so to speak. If you book escorts for £300, perhaps you should try a couple of girls from the £600+ range. Then you can draw your own conclusions! Protection Status
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