Beware of Independent Escorts

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Beware of Independent Escorts

There may well be some amazing independent escorts out there in the UK today, but in our experience, they are few and far between. Most of you regular hobbyists have booked an independent girl in the past, and some of you will have found some real gems. We are not saying that there are no good ones, let us make that very clear. And if you have found a good one that you really like, you should stick with her and continue to be a regular. If there is anything we are all about here at Babylon Girls, it’s about finding the right girl for you. For most of you that means a selection of escorts in London. There’s nothing wrong with that either if you like variety.

As we said, these girls are rare, so you need to keep hold of them. They are hard to find however, and they rarely take on many clients. The trouble is, when it comes to finding a reliable and talented independent escort, you could end up spending a fortune on many bad bookings before you find what you are looking for. Not a good plan for someone who enjoys variety. The best thing about an agency is that they have a lot of girls to choose from, and they change frequently.

What to watch out for

The problem with independent girls is that they have no-one to be responsible for. They do not rely on an agency to get them bookings, so they don’t have an agency to answer to. When we say “answer to,” it’s nothing to do with controlling the girls. What we mean is that a girl cannot get away with falsely advertising her services on an agency website, because the agency will simply take her off, and send her no bookings. When they have no agency, an independent girl can put any pictures on a website like Adultwork or Vivastreet. These websites do not do extensive checks into the girls who advertise with them. Or any kind of checks for that matter.

We have heard many stories about clients who have booked a girl and ended up in their apartment before they have realised that the girl is not who she said she was. This is an old trick that you need to watch out for. Clients make the booking, then when they arrive the girl opens the door but stands behind it. The client enters, the door is closed, and then they are presented with a girl who is not the same as the one in the pictures. It is much harder for a client to ask to leave when this happens. It’s much easier to say “no thank you” and walk away if you see the girl at the door. You can simply walk away, without paying any money, and you may well save yourself an even more unfortunate incident. Remember, these girls are not responsible for anything, and they may well be a front to get you inside for something much more sinister. This kind of thing can never happen with an escort agency because we have the names and addresses of all the girls who work with us.

Agency girls

However, the question of whether a girl looks like her pictures will always be something clients worry about, even with an agency girl. We do keep a regular check on things, so you do not have anything to worry about. And if we ever get reports from clients that things are not as they seem, the girl is removed immediately. Luckily for you, many of our girls have videos. You can find a really good representation of the girls in our escort video gallery. You will find a really good selection of girls here. They have all become very aware that clients do not always trust the studio pictures that they present to us for publication. Taking a short video of themselves on their phone is enough to spike the interest of their clients.

Not that you need any further inspiration of course, the ladies we have at Babylon Girls are all high class and ready to entertain. Protection Status
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