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Where are all these South American escorts coming from? That was a rhetorical question of course, and we’re just answered it. But why are there so many new girls from Brazil and other South American countries coming to London now? When you look at our gallery of Brazilian escorts you may think that it’s not that many. You'd be right when you compare it to the European escorts we have at the agency, but you see, there are only usually a two or three Brazilians in the gallery (or at least that’s all there has been for the past year or so). Of course we can’t forget our Argentinian escort Anays. She’s often alone in her Argentinian gallery, but she’s no less South American than her Brazilian colleagues of course.

Hot Brazilian girl

At the time of writing this article we have more than six Latin lovers at Babylon Girls, and we were just curious why there were more than usual. Especially at a time like this. London is a great place to stay if you’re an escort we know. It’s liberated, with plenty of opportunities for those with a highly flamboyant personality like these girls. So, we’re not surprised that they chose here, we just don’t know why now and why more than usual?

Heaven forbid that we should complain about it. We are over the moon that these ladies are here in London offering their services. They are among some of the most exciting women in the world and they’ve very popular with our clients. We would like many more at the agency, so if you’re a Latin American woman looking to work as an escort in London, get in touch with us and apply. We would be happy to get your application.

What do you like about Latin escorts?

We know what you think about those that you have reviewed on the website, but considering that there are some very new Brazilian faces here, some of them are yet to get a review. Anays has plenty of reviews, and she’s always a safe bet if you like Latino women. She’s Argentinian of course, as we already mentioned, but she still has that beautiful body, those deep brown eyes, and that sexy Latin spirit.

Brazilian women are passionate lovers, and overall very tactile women. They are passionate with friends and family too, and once you befriend a Brazilian you can count on their dedication and openness from day one. If you are lucky enough to ever seriously date a Brazilian you will find them to be very welcoming and embrace you into their family as one of their own. When you are with them, they will make you feel like you are the only man on the planet. You will be forever in their thoughts and they will be dedicated to you alone. They may be flirtatious with others, but this is natural part of their spirit and should be indulged, because they are also some of the loyalist women in the world. As long as you treat your Brazilian girlfriend with respect and love, you will have a partner for life, who would do anything for you. One might even say “a dream girl”.

Make the effort

Whether you date a Brazilian woman, or you just book the company of an escort here in London, make a little effort and you will be richly rewarded. If you learn even a little Portuguese, you will be commended for doing so, and they will love the way you sound when you try to speak it. These women really make an effort with men who do the same. Also, you might want to think about dancing too. Despite it being a stereotype, it’s actually true. Brazilian women really can dance well, and they like to do it whenever the opportunity arises. Protection Status
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