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Why You Should Book Returning Escorts

You know by now that we never have a shortage of girls at Babylon Girls. In fact we are usually close to 200 girls to choose from at all times. There are new escorts appearing in London all the time, and they usually list with us because they know they will get plenty of work, and they know they can trust the agency. We have been in business for nearly two decades and we have plenty of clients that would happily recommend us, where it not for their desire to protect their anonymity of course. We are – above all else – one of the most discreet agencies in London.

Today we’re not here to talk about the new girls that keep coming arriving, we’re here to promote those that have already been, but they have returned. These are often undervalued girls by our clients, and even though you may well have had a wonderful time with them the last time you saw them, you will still often opt for a new girl over a returning one. Why do this when you pretty much know that you’re going to get an experience that you already know you will enjoy?

Why Book Them?

The short answer to this is that they’re good at what they do. If they were not good at what they do, they wouldn’t be returning. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. They are back in town for two reasons: they made a lot of money, and they had a good time. So, if you’re not the type that reads a lot of review, or the type who trusts what anyone else says, this should be enough information for you to make a decision.

Spot the Returning Girls

When we can, we will obviously let you know if a girl is a returning escort. This is especially useful for you newcomers to the hobby. If you know that they’ve been here before, even if you haven’t read a single review for her, you know that she had a good time when she was here and it was a positive experience for her; otherwise she wouldn’t have bothered to come back. So you already know that she did well on her last visit. And we can tell you for sure that a girl will not return, or be accepted back, if she didn’t do very well last time. It’s simply not worth the space on the website, or our reputation to list girls that aren’t all that!

If you are not a regular with Babylon Girls, you may find it difficult to spot a returning girl if we haven’t already told you. Arguably the best place to look for them is in the client recommended escorts gallery. Not all agencies have this sort of category. It’s not based on how many reviews a girl has got either (since that’s something that you can’t always trust on some agency sites anyway), it’s more about what our trusted clients have told us about the girls. And when you have a client opinion, it’s worth a lot more than some words we have written about the girl, or any three line review she may have on her profile. And we never put a girl in the client recommended if she hasn’t been recommended by a client. It’s basic common sense really. This is one of our most popular galleries.

Now, it’s worth noting here that not all the returning escort will be recommended by our clients. Many of the girls you see there have been on numerous trips to London, and some even live here permanently. Some girls are very good, but they remain “off the radar” so to speak. They may have been to London a couple of times and done really well, but have yet to be elevated to the level of top escorts or the recommended girls we have been talking about.

Trust Our Receptionists!

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. You must trust our receptionists! These are the people who know more about the girls and the agency than anyone else at Babylon Girls. These guys are on the frontline. They deal with the clients, they deal with the girls. If a girl has been in London before and had some bookings with good feedback, our receptionist will know. So, if you’re not sure which girls are returning girls, it’s always a good idea to ask our receptionists. Tell them you’d like to see a girl who has been here before, and they will provide you with a choice of their recommended choices.

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