Booking a London escort is perfectly legal

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Booking a London escort is perfectly legal

Whilst we do have a particularly good FAQ page at Babylon Girls, there are some questions that require a little more thought and attention. This is one of the most asked questions in our business. It’s not really a question that clients as us personally, but we know it’s a question they ask themselves. They also look for answers to this question online, and they are mostly met with lots of jargon and uncertainty.

Allow us to be the one to tell you that booking an escort in London is perfectly legal. In fact, it’s legal anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Common misconception

The trouble is, people tend to confuse escorting with prostitution. These are two different things entirely. You can have your own thoughts and opinions about this of course, but we maintain that escorting is not prostitution. Prostitution is described on Encyclopaedia Britannica as:

”…the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other valuables…”

Some of you may consider this to be an accurate description of an escort too, but we disagree. The London escorts who advertise with us, and so many other agencies across London and the UK, are not selling “indiscriminate sexual activity” to their clients. They are selling their time. In most cases (and certainly with Babylon Girls), it is made clear that payment for escort services is for the escort’s time alone. Unlike a prostitute, no promises or guarantees are made that sexual acts will take place. Whether they do or not is something between the parties involved. Regardless of what some would argue to be obvious implications, sex is literally NOT on the menu.

street walker prostitute

A prostitute

Let’s look at this in relation to prostitution. Or at least how we define prostitution. To begin with, a prostitute is someone who we believe offers sexual services explicitly, for an agreed fee. We are talking about the type of girl you would approach on the street and proposition, from whom you would expect a price in relation to what sexual acts she would do with you. There are obviously numerous other examples too of course, but the common factor would be that the purchase of sexual services is made abundantly clear from the start.

There isn’t usually any grey area involved in a transaction like this. And it is not the same as booking a girl from an agency at all. When you call Babylon Girls for instance, we do not go into detail with you about the type of things you want to do with your escort. If you want more information, you can read our policy on sexual services in our FAQs. We act as the girl’s agent and book time slots with her based on her availabilty. She is also free to reject any booking she wants. We have no control over any of the girls who we represent, and they are free to advertise with us as they wish. They simply send us their pictures, their details and ask us to get them bookings. We advertise and promote them, and make our clients know that the girls are available. This is all we do.

An escort

Simply put, a London escort is a companion you hire and pay her for her time alone. This could be for a variety of reasons. You may want a date for an event, or you may just want a dinner companion. You may also just want to hang out at her place for an hour or two. An escort is not required to, or obligated in any way to have sex with her client.

Let’s look at what’s illegal

In the UK, prostitution is actually legal anyway, so even if these girls we represent were identifying as prostitutes, they wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. There are some cases where people may be breaking the law however, whether they want to call themselves an escort or a prostitute. It may help to examine exactly what is illegal when it comes to escorting or prostitution. We are sure you will find that the following are more associated with what is commonly known as a prostitute and not an escort:

  • Advertising in a phone boxes
  • Clients kerb crawling or approaching others in public to ask for sex (otherwise known as propositioning)
  • Allowing a property to be used as a brothel
  • Forcing or manipulating someone to sell sexual services for profit. This can include threatening, coercion, deceiving etc. including trafficking

Questions are always welcome

If you have any questions about our girls or our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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