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Escorts Who See Couples

It has long been a fantasy for so many of you we know, but sadly it doesn’t happen. You may have a lovely girlfriend or wife, but you’d love to spice things up with a flirtatious London escort date. The idea of having one of our wonderful girls coming to your hotel room in the middle of the night to have a secret rendezvous with you and your partner is a wonderful one, and not as far fetched as you might think.

Sometimes it’s just about asking the right questions and coercing your partner in the right way. Whilst there is no catch all solution to your threesome desires, we do have a few ideas for you. You could well be seeing one of our escorts who see couples before you know it!

How to get her to agree

Now, we have to add here that this is wholly dependent on what type of woman your partner is. If she’s staunchly conservative and you have to make an appointment to have sex and mark it on the calendar, you’d better forget all about this and just see girls on your own. However, if you think even for a moment that she might welcome the idea, or that she was once quite the “wild child,” it’s definitely worth a shot! Those wives and girlfriends who were once wild girls, all want to relive those days you know. They may not say that they do, but they long for excitement and something a little different in their lives. Who knows, she could already be banging your gardener!

You know her better than we do of course, but our advice to begin with would be to slowly plant seeds. Maybe incorporate it into your lovemaking sessions, as a joke at first. Perhaps you could tell her that you are so horny, you think you’ve got the energy to take on three women tonight. Or something like that. Measure her responses to your jokes, you never know, she might surprise you. Then on a different night, ask her about her previous lovers. Ask if she’s ever had sex with another woman, or even fooled around. Ask her who it was and if she ever thinks about it. You would be surprised at just how many women have had lesbian sex with one of their friends, or at least experimented. Far more than men, that’s for sure!

Don’t talk about Babylon Girls

When you feel comfortable, make up a story about how your bosses friend (or someone she is unlikely to meet) told you how he and his wife booked an escort on their trip to London. Don’t go into graphic detail, and don’t push it. Just mention that this happened, like it’s gossip. Again, measure her response. This is a good way to find out whether or not she is opposed to the whole bisexual escort experience or not.

If she is fine with it and enjoys the taboo piece of gossip, just go ahead and ask her if it’s something she would enjoy. But don’t say it in a way that makes it sound like you want to do it. If we have learned anything about women so far in life, it’s always best to make them believe they came up with the idea themselves. If she says she would be up for it, leave it a few days and then come back to her. When you do, tell her you’d like to try it out. But here is the important part, let her do a search for London escorts, don’t tell her you already know about these agencies. Act surprised and excited. And good luck!

Genuinely Bisexual Escorts

You will find that most girls at Babylon who see couples, are very much genuinely bisexual. Some are not, but they are happy to interact with other women on their bookings. If you have any questions about this, our receptionists are always happy to take your questions, and pass along any messages you may have to the girl you are interested in. The girls usually respond quickly, so you’ll have the answers to your questions before you commit to a booking.

You don’t always have to invite them to your hotel or apartment remember, these girls would be more than happy to invite you and your partner to their apartment for an incall. There are many options in this sort of scenario, although hotels do appear to be the most common choices. It’s usually something a couple does on a weekend away for fun, and it allows them both to have that “what happens in London, stays in London” attitude to the whole thing.

Who says you can’t have fun with the partner you already have? And if you can’t, you still have us! Protection Status
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