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Lunchtime 30 min bookings with Babylon Girls

Tired of going to Pret A Manger at lunchtime and sitting in the park, watching all the pretty girls go past? Well, now you don’t have to. You can skip that part of your lunch hour (if you get an hour), and revel in the company of one of our gorgeous new 30 min escorts. This new 30 minute service is going to be particularly attractive to those of you who work in Central London and the West End. It doesn’t take long to get to one of the girls’ incall locations, and you could be sitting in her apartment, gazing into her eyes, instead of looking at a rubbish sandwich and a cup of bad coffee! What better way to set you up for an afternoon of productive work, than to spend your lunch being inspired in numerous ways by an escort girl?

Book Anytime

Of course, you don’t have to only book 30 min sessions with your favourite girls on your lunch hour, you can book them any time you like. As you already know, Babylon Girls is a 24 hour London escort agency and the girls are happy to see you at their place, and in some cases they’ll even come to your place for half an hour (details below).

What can you do in half an hour?

Well, you would be amazed at what you can do in half an hour when you’re having fun. But don’t forget that “time flies when you’re having fun” too! Think about the hour sessions you’ve had with London escort girls in the past for a moment. Did you always use up that hour? Perhaps you were so very excited to see her that you didn’t need any more than half an hour? It’s not always the case, but more often than not it is. After all, not all of you are big talkers are you? You could get a nice rub down from one of our specialist Massage Escorts in half an hour, and still have time for a shower at either end of your appointment.

That’s an important point to make actually. A shower is pretty much an essential part of any escort booking, so if you think you can turn up for a 30 minute escort appointment and refuse to have a shower, you are very much mistaken. It takes no time at all to have a quick wash, and it’s only good manners to do so; especially if you expect your escort to get close to you. In the summertime, we can sometimes carry unpleasant odours that could be quite off putting for some of our classy girls! So please be respectful and continue to clean up at the beginning of your booking. You have plenty of time.

Outcall Bookings for 30 mins

Outcall bookings are still available for 30 mins, but we would like to make it very clear that these will be charged at the same price as an hour’s incall rate. So, for example, if you want to book a £300 escort for half an hour, and have her come to your hotel or apartment, you will be paying her £300 for half an hour of her time. We hope this is very clear. If you need any more information about this great new service, please don’t hesitate to contact the team and we’ll help you out.

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