Basic Incall escort etiquette

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Basic Incall escort etiquette

Let us be very clear about this to begin with. We are not assuming that our clients do not know how to behave or what to do when they book an incall escort service from Babylon Girls. We have had many loyal clients for many years, and we wouldn’t want to upset anyone by telling them what to do. What we have to say here is for anyone new to this glorious hobby of ours and anyone who is unsure about what exactly is expected of them.

Your incall experience

Your incall escort experience should always be a good one, so it may help newcomers to the hobby to read on and learn “the ins and outs” of the whole thing, so to speak. Once you have booked your preferred girl from the website, and you have managed to find your way to her apartment, there are a few things you need to remember.

Be patient

Whilst we understand that you may not wish to be standing outside an unfamiliar building, perhaps in an area of London you don’t know well, we would ask you to be patient when you buzz for attention. First of all, make sure you have the right flat number before you press the buzzer. After this, please wait for a response and do not keep pushing it. If there’s any way to get off to a bad start on an escort booking, it’s to continually press the buzzer. All this does it infuriate your date, and you don’t want her in a bad mood, do you? Give the girl time to answer the buzzer, she may be otherwise indisposed. Give her time to answer the buzzer, then depending on the entry system in place, you should hear a click as the door is opened.

If your girl is in an apartment building where you can access her room directly, things are a little different. And you may well be more nervous if you are already inside the building and waiting outside her room door. Rest assured that the girls are very professional and they will answer as soon as they possibly can. In either case, if you suspect there to be a problem, please contact the agency at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to resolve the issue. This is a very rare occurrence.

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Pay on arrival

Unless there are extra things you wish to discuss with your chosen escort, you should pay her in full as soon as you are in her apartment. Allow her time to count or stash it away somewhere, before anything else (unless you are instructed otherwise). Remember, this is “basic” incall etiquette. We are sure there are plenty of other scenarios you could think of. Never leave a lady waiting for her money, it’s simply rude. It’s also worth noting here that if you are not satisfied with the service you may have discussed with your chosen girl, or that she doesn’t look as good as you expected and you are no longer interested, express your apologies and leave the flat. You are not obliged to pay her if you are not at all satisfied with her appearance and/or attitude.

If you are not satisfied, you must not stay for your booking and then complain later on. If you have any valid complaints about your girl’s attitude or appearance on arrival, there is nothing we can do as an agency to help if you decide to follow through with the booking. As far as we are concerned, if you pay her and you stay, you are happy to do so. No girl holds her clients at gun point!

Take the shower!

It’s as simple as that really. If you are offered a shower, take it. It’s polite. You may have had one only ten minutes earlier, but it really doesn’t matter. Your escort won’t know this, and she has no reason to take your word for it. It puts a girl’s mind at ease knowing that you have showered, and you smell clean and fresh for the two of you to spend time together. You won’t lose lots of time, and it isn’t a way for the girls to take up some of your time, it takes about 2-3 minutes.

Leave on time

Please always leave when your escort informs you that your time is up. If she decides to go over time, then that is her choice, and you are not obliged to leave exactly on time. However, you must not try to coerce her into letting you stay. If you are asked to leave, you must always leave with no questions. Again, if you have a complaint about that, contact us at the agency and we will address it.

We hope that these little pointers have been useful to you. It’s always a nice place to refer to if you’re still thinking about going to a girl’s apartment for an incall booking. You can take our word for it when we tell you that you will not be disappointed. All of our girls have enough experience to provide you with the time of your life. Protection Status
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