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After some deliberation, and feedback from our valued clients, we have changed our opinions when it comes to listing some escort services. After all, we can only advertise what the girls ask us to. And by writing escort services on the girls’ profiles, and creating galleries for them, this does not indicate in any way that we guarantee sexual services, or even condone them. As we have always stated, we are an introduction agency only, and anything that may or may not happen between an escort and her client, is nothing to do with us. We facilitate the meeting and wish you both the very best. We don’t mind telling you that we get very few complaints about our London escort service

What are Anal Escorts?

Also known as A Level Escorts, and Adventurous escorts, these girls are those that enjoy having sex anally. It doesn’t get much easier to explain that this. And we are glad that we don’t have to dance around the terminology anymore with innuendos. Of course, with any sexual preference, it’s important to understand that not everyone enjoys a sexual act all of the time, with every sexual partner they have. For example, some of you must have had a girlfriend who has given you a blow job, but then refused countless times after that! It’s not unusual at all, and they usually stop offering BJ’s once you’re married (just a little tip for you there!) We cannot possibly know whether or not all the girls on our anal escort page enjoy anal sex all the time. They may only actually enjoy it with certain sexual partners. Speaking as an escort agency, knowing that sometimes the girls like to get naughty with their clients, without too much speculation, we would assume that sometimes their preference may depend on the size of their partner’s penis!

What if she doesn’t?

Well, we come right back around to what we said earlier. If she doesn’t want to do something you suggest, you get over it. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. We have consistently written all over our website that these girls are not sex robots. They are not here to entertain every sexual desire you want. They are beautiful, intelligent women, with thoughts, feelings and opinions. This is what attracts them to many of you. Those of you with respect for women, would rather have a girl who has her own mind, and better still a girl who genuinely wants to spend time with you.

However, if you encounter a girl who has written something on her profile that suggests she does something, and then she outright tells you that she never does that, you need to tell us. Not least because we do not want other clients to be disappointed, and also because we’re not keen on having dishonest girls working with us at Babylon Girls. We will do our best to resolve the issue and edit her profile details. We will politely request that she doesn’t do this again and ask her to review the other information she has given us. If it comes to light that she has deceived us more than once, she will be removed from the website.

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