Adult entertainment in London after lockdown

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Adult entertainment in London

Adult entertainment in London after lockdown

Lockdown has been hard work for everyone concerned, that’s no secret. But let’s just think to the future here and relish in the fact that we will all be doing what we love without any problems at all. Dining out with a group of friends, even the simple act of visiting a museum has been sorely missed, and if London has anything to offer, other than the best London escorts you could get, it’s entertainment of every kind. And if you are here on this website, it’s pretty likely that the entertainment you’re looking for is adult entertainment.

When the doors open, there are some wonderful places you can visit to get your fill of female flesh, so to speak. We are of course talking about strip clubs and bars. Now, if you want value for money and you like to get a rawer experience from your strippers we have some suggestions for you. You need to remember that not all adult entertainment has to be high end, where they will likely fleece you for every penny you have.

London Strip Pubs

You will notice that we did not say strip “clubs”. This is because these places are not clubs. Most of them are not classy places by any means, they are literally pubs. Or perhaps a better way to term them would be sports bars. This is the way they refer to them in America we believe, but it seems to have caught on here too.

These places are what have come to be referred to as “pound in the pot” bars. Basically, the strippers walk around the bar in their lingerie, carrying a pint glass or a little pot. Everyone must put a pound in the pot or they should leave the place. This is the money for the girl’s dance. When she has collected her money and the last girl has finished, she goes up on stage and gets her kit off. It’s a simple system and the girls tend to get paid quite well this way. But it’s not where they make their real money. This comes from the private dances.

A private dance with one of these girls may not be technical proficient, but you can bet your life it will be very naughty. Some of the girls even allow you to touch them, as long as you don’t grope them inappropriately all over. That’s something else entirely, and the bar could lose it’s licence if the girls get caught messing around like that. This is not something they are prepared to risk. The last time we went to one of these places was a few years ago, but private dances were generally in the region of £20 a go. Which isn’t too bad we suppose, but when you can beautiful busty escort for not much more than that, it seems a little bit of a half measure.


Browns on Hackney Road is pretty good, and it used to always follow these rules. The girls they had back then were mostly European, but there were also some lovely British girls available. By far the most popular we found back then was the Rainbow Sports Bar. We are not sure who owned or owns this place, but they always had loads of girls. If you went in there at lunchtime for a drink, you would literally be bombarded with beautiful girls grabbing your crotch and asking for a private dance. These girls are all over you most of the time, and they always seem to get new faces. You can find this place on Shoreditch High Street. We have the feeling that it will pretty busy soon!

High end strip joints

If you want high end strip clubs (you not we used the word club there), then there is no shortage of them here in London. These generally placed in the centre, where most of our Central London escorts are operating. But there is a reason for this, and it’s the same reason our girls choose to live there. This is because there are lots of tourists around, and wherever there are tourists, there is money to be made. Now in these places you are promised girls of the highest quality. Places like Platinum Lace, right in the centre of the tourist district are full of them. They know how to dance, but they also know how to work you. These are the type of girls who will lead you to the cash machine when you have committed to a lap dance behind the curtain. They will rub themselves against you and tell you that they will give you a very “special time” for more money. Please don’t be fooled, they do it to the tourists, who have more money than sense!

We will bring you more detailed reviews of some of these places when we can get back into them, but in the meantime, make your plans! Protection Status
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