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Terramotors Japan

We were founded as a company to lead the next generation mobility; E-mobility industry with Japanese technology.Based in India, one of the world’s most advanced EV nations, the company will provide solutions to various social issues which we are facing, re-define the ideal form of public transportation, and contribute to achieve a better society system.

Challenges in our Society

Today, we are facing various social problems such as air pollution, poverty and global warming. Especially in Asia, where many developing countries are located, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, air pollution, noise and other problems associated with rapid urbanization have become serious problems. In order to solve these problems, we believe that each private sector having a strong sense of ownership toward achieving the SDGs goals with their business activities will be a key factor.

Business Scheme

Update Traffic Infrastructure by Connected E-Mobility

Our E-mobility business has grown into a business that sells 30,000 units per year. In addition to further expanding these businesses, we will develop a variety of business models by using our own mobility network which we have sold to date, as a platform for our digital connections. We define the ideal form of next-generation mobility that supports the sustainable development of society.

Company Strength

How to Succeed in the Global Market

The strength of a team that has created as we always seeking this and keep this in our mind:

  • Accurately identify customer needs and reflect them in products we always follow “Market in Strategy”.
  • Grow and move faster than the market changes. Looking ahead to the future, always one step ahead than others.
  • All members of the team always think from ideals, and decide the action backward from that take on challenges without fear of risk and create new value.