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Taylar is highly recommended to those Russian escort connoisseurs among you. She has all your favourite Russian characteristics, including the unmistakable good looks and sexy broken English! In addition to this, whilst she still maintains the quintessential Russian model height and slim build, she has a very ample and delightfully natural bust that puts a very pleasing strain on a tight evening dress! If her smile and her appearance doesn’t make you believe she’s worth the money, wait until you meet her, they’ll be no turning back; Taylar is highly addictive!

Reviewers Name
Date of Visit
May - 2018
1 hour
Beautiful blonde she was amazing really charming and naughty she's got a body of a goodness too some pretty amazing tits and ass i had a great time with her and i am sure she enjoyed it too, the most thing i liked was how we were able to to so much with the little time we had


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"Legally Blonde"

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Tuesday 13th November 2018

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