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Iran Enviro Fair

The Environment Exhibition is the largest event in the field of production and supply of products and services related to the environment of the country, which is held every year with a large and impressive presence of stakeholders and their audiences at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. In this exhibition, the latest achievements of this industry will be presented to the interested parties and an irreplaceable opportunity for exchange and negotiation will be provided to the participants.

The achievements of these interactions are the starting point of many business collaborations between those involved in the field of environment, which plays a significant role in mobilising this field of industry and the producers and traders working in it. In the upcoming period of the environmental exhibition, which will be held from March 4 to 4, will provide a unique opportunity for activists in this field at home and abroad to find their potential audience, to significantly improve their level of international interaction.

The organizers of the 15th Environment Exhibition with the valuable support of the Trade Development Organization and Iran International Exhibitions Company and the effective participation and support of institutions, associations, organisations and trade unions have done their best to make this period of the exhibition It should be held with different quality and order, and we hope that the feedback of the participants after the 15th course will confirm this.